Welcome to Beersay

Hi everyone and welcome to my new Blog “Beersay”.  

As you will see from the about me page I was inspired to create the blog after starting on a quest to find 100 Belgian beers, however as I’ve researched beer blogging it’s really opened my eyes as to how much quality and variety beer there is out there from the UK, Belgium and throughout the world.
So the intention is to explore anything and everything about the best drinks out there, share information, review etc.

I also plan to try to give links to great places to drink locally (and from places visited) what’s on the menu at local pubs for fellow Stokies (landlord’s input required), great beer and food blogs and places to source the beers found.

I’m open to suggestion’s really so welcome any comments, questions or critique.

If you fancy contributing to the blog with reviews & news etc yourself let me know, that goes for any beer outlets too.

Thanks again for reading, hope to see you subscribing and let blogging commence!


1 thought on “Welcome to Beersay

  1. I would like to say congratulations on your new Blog! It’s a brilliant start and I’m sure a platform to be built upon for years to come.

    P.S. I hope this isn’t some extreme blag to go travelling the world beer tasting?!? x

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