Life Begins at 40

Belgium’s Most Wanted..

In my last blog post I ran through beers numbers 37 to 39, this relating to my ongoing endeavours in trying to sample all of the beers in Tim Webb & Joris Pattyn’s book “100 Belgian Beers To Try Before You Die”, (well I might actually stop at 99 so as not to tempt fate). I’m hoping to try and get something really memorable as beer 40, that itself being a bit of a milestone, but sadly I have no more of the beers I am looking for at present and am struggling to find them.

So I’m looking for a bit of help from you guys, my friends, fellow bloggers, site visitors. I’m hoping by spreading the word on here Twitter, Facebook etc I can find new Belgian Beer stockists that I can use to source the next phase. I’ve attached a the list of all 100 below showing what I have tried thus far and what I need to find . We are planning a trip to Belgium very soon so I hope to get a good batch there but if you can help too that would be wonderful..

Beers Tried Beers Wanted Beers Wanted
Abbaye de Val-Dieu Grand Cru Aardmonnik Mort Subite Oude Kriek
Trappist Achel Extra Bruin Allagash Curieux Oerbier Special Reserva
Trappist Achel Blond Angelus Blonde Oud Belegen Feoderbier
Blanche des Honnelles (Blanche Dubbel) Arabier Oud Kriekenbier Crombe
Canaster Winterscotch Beersel Lager Oude Geuze Boon Mariage Parfait
Cantillon Lou Pepe Framboise Biere Darbyste Oude Kriek Boon
Caracole Ambree Bink Blond Panil Barriquee Sour
De Koninck Amber Biolegere Pick Up Pils
De Ryck Special Bons Voeux Potteloereke
Duvel Buffalo Saison d’Epeatre
Echt Kriekenbier Bush Prestige (Scaldis Prestige) Saison de Pipaix
Gouden Carolus Classic Cantillon Broucsella Grand Cru Sezoens Blond
Gouden Carolus Noel Cantillon Fou Foune Slaghmuylders Kerstbier
Grottenbier Bruin Cantillon Iris St Louis Gueueze Fond Tradition
Guldenberg Cantillon Vigneronne Stouterik
Hannsens Artisanaal Oudebeitje Cervesia Supllication
Houblon Chouffe Chimay Grande Reserve ‘t Smisje Dubbel
Kappitel Abt Cnudde Briun (Louis V) ‘t Smisje Calva Reserva
Kappitel Blond Contreras Mars Especialle Taras Boulba
Kappitel Prior Cuvee de Tomme Trappist Westvleteren  8
Maredsous D Cam Oude Geuze Trappist Westvleteren 10
Moinette Blonde De Cam Oude Kriek Trappist Westvleteren Blond
Oerbier De Ranke Kriek Vapeur en Folie
Orval Drie Fonteinen Oude Geuze Vintage Vicaris Generaal
Petrus Aged Pale Drie Fonteinen Schaarbeekse Kriek Zinnebir
Reinaert Tripel Fantome Black Ghost
Rochefort 8 Girardin Oude Geuze
Rochefort 10 Girardin Oude Lambic
Rodenbach Grand Cru Hannsens Artisanaal Oude Geuze
Saison Dupont Hofblues
St Bernadus Abt 12 Kerkom Ruess
St Bernadus Tripel Kerkomse Tripel (Bink Tripel)
St Bernadus Witbier La Brabanconne Blond au Miel
St Fuillien Triple La Folie
Vichtenaar La Moneuse
Westmalle Dubbel Trappist La Rulles Estivale
Westmalle Tripel Trappist Loterbol Bruin
Witkap Stimulo Malhuer Dark Brut Noir
XX Bitter Mort Subite Oude Geuze

I know that some of these are only going to be available in Belgium but I hope you can help me to find some more of Belgium’s Most Wanted. Please pass on any links and share the message by retweeting on Twitter, sharing on Facebook etc


2 thoughts on “Life Begins at 40

  1. Some of these will be easy to find, others will be very hard and will probably mean flying to American! Allagash (New York), Cuvee de Tomme (San Diego), Supplication (San Francisco), La Folie (Denver). The Panil is Italian and also hard to find.

    Most of the gueuze and lambic should be ok but the Schaarbeekse Kriek might be tough (no longer brewed and very rare anyway – bloody delicious though!).

    Taras Boulba should be easy. Beermarchants usually have that or it’ll be in good Belgian bars.

    Good luck, I didn’t realise it was such a tough list but it’ll sure be fun looking for them all!

  2. It is a tough list Mark, and in all honesty there probably will be some that I can’t get or as you’ve said are no longer brewed.

    What has been fantastic though is the amount of new beer I’ve found while I’m looking and new directions I’ve taken along the way, maybe we should a new version 🙂

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