CAMRA Beer Tax Photofilm

I’m sure that there will be a few people posting this today, but I think the more that see it the better. The amount of boarded up pubs in the Stoke On Trent and surrounding areas is astonishing, that picture is obviously the same nationwide. Sadly many of them will never reopen as Public Houses as they are sold off to developers etc as nobody can afford to take them on with the current and growing taxation burden.

There’s never been so much choice in my memory of new and exciting beers to taste, but we need somewhere to sell them if we want to drink them socially instead of being stuck in front of the TV.

Eeew, beer and Dancing On Ice, what a depressing thought…

This photofilm highlights the devastating impact on pubs of increases in beer tax, and includes a call from CAMRA for the Chancellor to freeze beer duty in the Budget next week.

Britain already has the second highest rate of excise duty on beer in Europe, and further increases threaten the jobs, tax revenue and social benefits of beer. CAMRA is arguing that with 29 pubs closing every week, what our community pubs and pub goers need from the Government is a lifeline, not a death knell.

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