De Ranke Kriek – 7%

We opened this last night to mark the occasion of the 40th beer found in the challenge to find and taste as many beers from the 100 or so listed in this book, only a quick update this to note it’s passing.

I personally don’t drink a lot of fruit beers (regularly at least), but I did really enjoy this one and would recommend it to anyone who likes Belgian fruit beers, but can’t quite manage a full on Lambic. It is a little vinegrous but not lip pursingly so, it gives you a lovely sour cherry flavour with bright berry aromas. Bottled and delivered in the same style of their similarly “gift wrapped” XX Bitter which just adds to the experience in my opinion.

Sourced from Beers Of Europe, who’s tasting notes are below:

Tasting Notes: Kriek de Rank is real Belgian sour ale fermented with cherries and then blended with real lambic. It is unfiltered and unpasterized. The de Rank brewery was founded by two good friends; Nino Bacelle & Guido Devose. To them, brewing is a weekend hobby, not an occupation. For a few hours every week they make small batches of what many consider the best specialty beers. Their beers are robust and flavorful. They use the best Hallertau and brewer’s Gold varieties of hops.

Malheur 12 – 12%

I also wanted to mention this beer from Malheur, it’s another beer I’ve been led to whilst searching for beers listed in the “100 Belgian beers”, I was looking for the Malheur Dark Brut Noir which is a champagne beer, but thought I’d give this a go. Good choice it’s a lovely strong dark ale and one that will be revisited and given a full review at a later date. Lovers of these type of ales you really should give this a try, don’t let the 12% abv put you off, it’s very very good..

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