Flintshire Real Ale Trail

Fancy exploring the Welsh countryside and enjoying some fine real ales at the same time this coming weekend? If so this will be very much of interest…

It’s not too far away from the Potteries if you are based in or around Stoke and I’d recommend getting a designated driver to get there if at all possible.

You can get there by rail although it is a little bit of a trek, the nearest station being Buckley according to the rail website, from there it’s a short bus, taxi ride or walk for the more adventurous.

I’m still trying to find out how to get hold of advance tickets if you are not local to the Flintshire area, I will update the blog if and when I do, but if you need more information please email me and I will pass on your questions.

Flintshire Real Ale Trail

Date: Saturday, 16th April 2011

Admission: £4 in advance or £5 on the day, tickets available from participating pubs

Open Hours: 11am – 11pm (hop on and hop off at any time)

Support proper local country pubs by hopping on the Flintshire Real Ale Trail which takes place Saturday 16th April.

You’ll get the chance to enjoy nine unique country pubs that serve up good food and ale, such as Flintshire Bitter, as well as traditional folk entertainment throughout the day as part of the celebration.

The tour starts at the Gold Cape pub in the easily accessible market town of Mold, then heads up onto Halkyn Mountain, through Caerwys, past the Clwydian Range Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and back towards Mold.

Supported by CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale).

Information: For more information visit www.northwalesborderlands.co.uk or www.discoverflintshire.com

Participating pubs:

Don’t get off the rails, tracking down those new beers…

8 thoughts on “Flintshire Real Ale Trail

  1. Nice one Pam,
    I’m not sure where you are travelling from or if you’re trying to drum up a few folks for a bus etc, if so maybe stick the details on the Facebook page?

    If not have a blast, don’t get too “steaming’ drunk…


  2. I live up near Nercwys and I’m going – not been to many of the pubs on the trail. Looking forward to some nice real ales

  3. Sadly Dave I can’t make it myself, sounds like a cracking day out though, be good if you could pop back on and let me know how it went?

    Have a good one mate

  4. Hi Phil, well it was almost a week ago but I haven’t forgotten. Cracking day out, met some lovely people and had some right nice ales.

    Slight downside for me was bus frequency, which basically was an hour from dropping you off to picking you back up again – or if you missed that one then you had to wait another hour.

    I was out and about quite early (caught the 12 o’clock bus from the Cape) and didn’t see anything untoward, though I have heard that there was a little ‘rowdiness’ in some of the pubs later on.

    I stopped at all the pubs apart from the Blue Bell – no particular reason, I’d just had enough by then and wanted to go home.

    But as I say, cracking day and I’d definitely do it again.

  5. Oh and I got some of the younger lads to ditch their usual lager at The Antelope and try some of the Thwaites. One didn’t like his Lancaster Bomber (at least he tried it) but two of them quite liked the Original :o)

  6. Nice one Dave and thanks for remembering to report back.

    I think early’s the right approach at these things sometimes, especially if you are not familiar with the pubs and as you found transport links..

    I think the transport is something the tourist folk need to work on if they want more people to come along, waiting an hour is crap when yo’ve had enough, add that to the 2:45 minutes journey I would have had to make and I’d be one pretty pissed off bunny…

    Good news about converting (or at least educating) some of the lager boys lol..

    Anyways, thanks again, hope you keep coming back on the blog.


  7. Hi Phil, I hear the April Trail was so successful that they’re doing another one the first Saturday in September – with more buses this time.

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