Delirium Red – Brewerij Huyghe – 8.5%

“Delirium” – “An acutely disturbed state of mind that occurs in fever, intoxication, and other disorders and is characterized by restlessness, illusions, and incoherence of thought and speech”.

I’m a big fan of Delirium beers, the Tremens in particular and my all time top drinking establishment has to be the record breaking Delirium Cafe in Brussels which has over 2000 beers available at any one time. I love the iconic branding and the story behind it, the stoney white bottles and pink elephants, all of which can be found detailed on the ever so slightly zany website.

Try it and watch the slightly mad brewery owner welcome you, discuss his beers, then get ever so slightly bored if you don’t choose anything, it is very clever.

Delirium Red is a new brew from Brouwerij Huyghe for 2011, when I ordered it I knew nothing about it other than the Delirium reputation but had to try it.

I have to confess to thinking it was going to be a ruby or brown beer rather than a Kriek, externally the bottle gives nothing away. It’s the traditional Delirium stone white bottle with a bright red foil top, the label describing the contents simply as STRONG BEER 8.5%.

A kriek it is though pouring a deep dense red with a pink frothy head. Aroma is of kirsch cherry fruit with a little malt.

Taste is sweet, a big full mouthful dominated by the rich alcoholic cherry fruit, it reminded me a little of a cherry brandy liqueur, despite that it is still refreshing and more-ish.

Verdict, another class act to join the pink elephant herd. Maybe a little sweet for some, if so try it as a desert..

Brewerij Huyghe Tasting notes

Delirium Facebook

Delirium YouTube

Beer was sourced from Beer Merchants, but it is available from many other online and high street specialist beer retailers.

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