Merlin’s Gold – Merlin Brewery – 3.8%

It’s always good news to hear about a new brewery springing up, especially a local one. Which is why I was extra pleased about Merlin’s Brewery who are based just over the Staffordshire border in Arclid (near Sandbach) in Cheshire.

I got in touch with David Peart from the brewery via his Twitter feed @MerlinBreweryCo who very kindly alerted me to an imminent arrival of his beer at The Leopard in Burslem, quite apt for a mystical beer considering the pubs history and alleged supernatural past..

Merlin’s currently have four beers available, Spellbound, Merlin’s Gold, Kings Ale and Dragonslayer, it was the Gold available on Friday and Saturday night, with Spellbound due and probably on as as we speak.

As the name suggests, this is a light golden beer despite the rather eery picture.

It has strong citrus aromas predominantly of hoppy grapefruit. The taste too is dominated by that citrus grapefruit flavour with hints of lemon with a lip pursingly dry bitter finish where the hops take over. All in all it’s very refreshing and I would happily sup this all night on a warm summer evening as long as it’s served as cool as it can be without spoiling the flavour.

Merlin’s Brewery have a website which is limited at the moment but under construction with more to come soon.

Merlin is available in bottled form from The Beer Emporium in Sandbach, ring them to confirm stock, I’m not sure about any other online outlets at present. (If you are one and reading this please let me know and I’ll amend, or else just add a comment)

Merlin’s Brewery

The beers from Merlin’s Micro Brewery are distinctive craft beers. They’re full flavoured with an excellent finish. Brewed for a magical taste.

6 thoughts on “Merlin’s Gold – Merlin Brewery – 3.8%

  1. You may find it a bit surprising that this post is coming from Easton, Pennsylvania in the “Colonies,” however I have just returned home from having a week on business in Holmes Chapel.
    While taking advantage the off-hours opportunities to sample a few of the enjoyable sites and to meet the the friendly people of South Cheshire, I had the opportunity to meet David Peart and get a personal tour of Merlin’s Micro Brewery. After enjoying a very informative tour, I also had the pleasure of having dinner with Derek Davey – of the South Cheshire CAMRA – followed by a visit to the Lower Chequer Pub in Sandbach, to further enjoy a proper Wizard Amber Ale from Merlin’s.
    This was certainly the perfect way to spend my last evening in the UK, before flying back to the States yesterday morning. My only disappointment is that I will be unable to order Wizard or any of the other Merlin ales at any of our local establishments! I will look forward to my next visit for another proper draw, and for another visit with David and Derek.
    I sincerely hope the good people of South Cheshire support David and help to make their newest local brewery a success.

  2. It’s the wonder of blogging and the internet my friend, but nonetheless fantastic that you found this post and that you were drinking some wonderful British beer not far from where I live.

    I’m lucky enough to live quite centrally to some fantastic new (and slightly less new) breweries who are all turning out some exciting tasty brews, Merlin, Lymestone, Buxton, Thornbridge, Offbeat, and Titanic to name but a few. Not sure if you managed to taste any of those other than Merlin?

    You’ve actually done better than I already in some respects as I’ve only managed to taste two of Merlins fine ales so far.

    I’ll certainly pass on your comments to both the Brewery and the local CAMRA branch, be sure to pop back on here and I’ll try and get them to comment too just in case you do not have each others details.

    Thanks again for your great comments, glad you enjoyed visiting the area.

    Incidentally, it may be worth keeping an eye on this site for British beers:
    They do ship internationally, not to the USA as yet as far as I can see, but you never know.

    Cheers Phil

  3. I’m delighted that Merlin beers will be featuring at the forthcoming Nantwich Beer Festival at the end of September.
    Mark J – CAMRA South Cheshire

  4. Hi Phil,
    Enjoyed an evening at the Bhurtpore Inn. Some great beers on offer. Thought I’d finish the evening with Merlin’s Gold but it ran out before I had the chance. Shouldn’t complain I suppose.
    Are you going to the Derby Beer Festival? We’ve all five ales on but I’m struggling to get there with too much to do at home!

    • Hi there, unfortunately not, my Mrs is just about at her limit with “beery adventures” just lately. I have to confess I hadn’t realised it was this weekend.

      Are you going to the Summer Wine Brewery tasting on the 25th at Port Street?
      Sounds great. Thanks for the comments

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