It’s my beer, not your advertising space!

Time for a mini rant…

I went for a pint on Saturday (as you do), funnily enough specifically in this instance to taste the lovely Merlin’s Gold which I reviewed yesterday. I kept this separate because although it did affect my drinking experience in a negative way, it in no way was linked to the beautiful product this hideous monstrosity contained.

Now you may be right in thinking there are far more important things going on in the world than to get annoyed about a crappy advert on my beer glass, in fact you are definitely right, but it doesn’t mean that this sort of thing is acceptable.

I’m not a snob and it wouldn’t matter to me if the ad on this glass was for Rolex or Ferrari either, as it happens I find this one particularly offensive because for my sins I support Newcastle United, if you follow the news you will know all about Sports Direct’s owner Mike Ashley and his dealings at St James park if not click here or just Google it.

Like I said though it doesn’t really matter it simply shouldn’t be there as it’s not related to the product, if you can’t supply me with a glass bearing the logo of the brewery or the beer it contains, then a nice crystal clear one will do nicely. I’m buying a premium product and usually paying a premium price, treat me and my beer with some respect.

You wouldn’t buy a Ford Focus GTi if it had “sponsored by Poundland” written proudly in two foot letters on the doors, nor a designer shirt with a nice “Sunday Sport” embroidered motif, why should your beer be any different.

Time to make a stand, I’ve had two pints so far from different pubs in Burslem with similar livery (the other, by the way was sponsored by The Sun), the next time I’m sending it back and will be naming and shaming, who’s with me??

12 thoughts on “It’s my beer, not your advertising space!

  1. Ha! I’ve not seen any glasses like this before. It’s a great idea from a marketing point of view, to be honest, but from a beer geek’s point of view… not so much.

    The ad perfectly targets their key audience so it makes sense for Sports Direct to do it – marketers have to get more creative to get their brand in the right spaces. However, I don’t like gawdy glasses and this just looks pretty terrible. The trouble is, this isn’t that much different from getting beer in a Guinness or Stella glass – they are advertising the brand.

    Interesting though…

  2. Mark, to be honest I can see what you mean with this particular example and I’d probably expect to see something like it at a big event like a festival, or even at the big football pubs near grounds on a Saturday. I just don’t think it or any other advertising has a place on glasses in a decent real ale pub or a specialist beer bar.

    As a stupid example, but would folks accept a pint in it if it was advertising “Durex” or “Tampax”, I know it’s unlikely that anyone with an ounce of marketing experience would, but what is next I wonder?

    Tyson, again I agree to a point, I’m normally not that bothered.
    I like a pint in a straight glass rather than a pot.
    If it comes with Worthies creamflow logo on the side and I was drinking Fullers as an example, I’d think it was poor, but some pubs either can’t afford to keep replacing stock or perhaps don’t consider a branded glass important.

    It is pretty bloody hideous though I think we all agree.

    As a positive for a publican, at least no one’s going to want to nick it… 😉

  3. I was going to blog about this meself. I was in the Royal Oak in Chesterfield the other week, a beautiful pub, the town’s oldest, and was served a wonderful pint of Centurion Ghost in a similar glass. I was horror-struck. Why devalue a great experience like that? How much is the pub being paid to prostitute its glassware? Suppose I ought to find out…

  4. Ok this is perhaps just marketing in the same way that the logo of the brewery or brew is, but what does this do to add to my enjoyment of the product? Absolutely nothing. In fact, quite the opposite.

    Breweries (and more so in continental Europe) take great care to select the correct glass for their product and popping the logo of the product on that glass, in my opinion, enhances the drinking experience, all be it in the mind maybe, but it adds an authenticity to the experience.

    This is not just disrespectful to the customer but disrespectful to the product too. If I was a brewer would I want my product served in that glass – certainly not! As a punter I don’t want it either and I would ask for a different glass. Frankly it’s a very poor reflection on the landlord who quite clearly couldn’t care less about presentation.

  5. From a marketing perspective it’s amazing this isn’t widespread. Arguably those pubs where punters come for great beer experiences shouldn’t adopt this, but for those that thrive on footy, lager and fruit machines, why not?!

  6. Phil, totally agree mate, maybe we need to ask though and make sure we make our feelings known about it when it happens. Could be it’s a rare occurrence and they are left overs from events, could be a cheap way of sourcing glasses. I’m hoping it’s the former, either way it’s still not on..

    Mr Frosty, we’ve chatted today on Twitter so you know we both agree on everything you’ve said here, you are bang on!

    Mark, they do have a place and it’s as you’ve said (and I have in an earlier reply) and that place is at cheapy binge boozers and big events like world cup, Euros, festivals etc. At these places punters go in for a Fosters etc at £1.50 a pint, they deserve no better.
    But as you and most others have said, there’s no place at any self respecting quality ale house..

    Cheers for all the responses guys

  7. These have been around for about a year in That London, hence the world cup/england nature of the quotes. Rather surprised to see them still knocking around, maybe yr landlords have had them in the back of the cellar for a year and now run out of other glassware?

  8. Could be Steve, I had noticed the England connection too. I’ve also seen some with just “The Sun” too, lovely… 😉

    Kick em out


  9. Phil,
    Send me your address and I’ll send you a “Merlin’s Micro Brewery” glass that you can take with you next time your sampling our beers.
    Merlin Brewing Company

  10. HI Dave, will do mate although it’s not necessary just because of the glass affair here, not your fault in any way. I’ll drop you an email, I could always pop down one day as I’m only in Burslem as you know. Cheers

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