IPA (I’d Purchase Again)

I’ve been sampling a few new beers throughout this week and got to thinking about how anyone reading the Beersay blog, could easily distinguish between beers I’d just reviewed and the few beers I’ve tried then keep going back for again and again when I order another virtual round. (To be honest it will be something that will help me to keep track too, as I wade through the seemingly infinitely changing array of beers available through pubs, travelling, great beer shops and good old e-shopping).

In an attempt to make this a little easier I’ve created a new selectable category on the blog “My” Beers to try before you die”. These are beers that are generally (but not exclusively) not going to be readily available down the pub or local off licence. They are beers that I really recommend you seek out and try. In short they are the favourite beers I have found, the exclusive top tips that stand out from the crowd.

There will be a few amongst the selection below in, or going in there very soon and I’ll be adding them from now as I go. I hope it’s a useful feature, if it’s not or you have improvement ideas please add your comments.


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