Friends, Romans, Beer Bloggers, lend me your ear…

I answered a plea for help on Twitter the other night. It was from a relatively new beer blogger who wanted some advice on a planned post before committing it to his blog and the eyes of the world.

I wasn’t the only one to respond, I know at least @LeighGoodStuff responded too, there may have been more I don’t know. Being fair I didn’t help much, I just proof read, suggested the odd slight wording change, punctuation etc, basically because these were the guys own words and I didn’t want to dilute them to my own. We chatted briefly afterwards and the post was launched. It’s not important who it was, but I can say it was really rewarding experience wise, knowing that I had been at least some help. It did though stir an idea in my head that I thought I’d run past you.

When I started Beersay I have to confess this blogging business although fun, seemed a bit of a minefield, how create the blog, what to use, what to include, what to avoid, what is ok to publish, what’s not, I could go on and on….

At the time I researched what I could, I had help from local friends, then took to seeking help from other bloggers found from Twitter and Google and basically badgering them with daily questions.

I really had lots of help, with a lot of it coming from folk that were previously unknown to me back then and I thank every one that gave their time. @BeerReviewsAndy@rhodeshannah @LeighGoodStuff@fletchthemonkey,@Rich_Barnett to name but a few, but in particular Mark Dredge who I think was “badgered” most of all… In the nicest possible way of course.

Anyway to the point, I was wondering if I could create a sort of “Bloggers Reference” space with your help, where new bloggers or even experienced bloggers could go to for inspiration, help, advice etc. It could be on a page on my site, a completely new blog that I’d moderate and add prospective posters too or even a blog page with shared access.

Is any of that workable, would it be useful, or does it already exist and I am trying to reinvent the wheel??

As a starter for ten I was going to suggest asking each blogger who is willing to participate/contribute, to provide a short post which could include information such as:

  • Top tips list on how to create and manage a successful beer blog
  • Advice of where to share, what groups to join, Networked Blogs, Beer Bloggers Unite etc.
  • Personal beer blog experiences
  • Own Site link
  • Contact details, via blog, Twitter, Facebook dependant on choice

Preferably this would include the seasoned beer blog veterans and established beer writers to raise it’s profile a little but would basically open to anyone with a desire to contribute. I think it would be valuable help and would also have a bonus of encouraging new blog visitors too?

Let me know what you think and please RT, Facebook share etc, especially if you think the idea has any merit and you want to get involved, or know someone who will?

Cheers fellow beer lovers 



5 thoughts on “Friends, Romans, Beer Bloggers, lend me your ear…

  1. If you want to admin the UK Beer Bloggers group on Beer Bloggers Unite, be my guest. I tried to get people involved and discuss beery bloggy things but to no avail.

    FWIW I think beer blogging works best as a suck-it-and-see medium. Success is self-defined.

  2. I’m happy to lend a hand as I’ve been blogging since 2005 and beer blogging since 2009. Let me know if you get a site up & running…

  3. Sounds a really good idea, I’m working on launching my blog in the next few weeks and a resource like that would be handy for a newbie. Not sure if it will work, or anyone will read it but I hope people will that’s for sure!

  4. Cheers for the comments guys, if you can spread the word we’ll see if it can grow.

    Simon, I was thinking of a page set out as more as a reference point really rather than trying to show someone the way if you know what I mean? So if you search for it, you can find it or maybe be pointed to the page by other bloggers. Happy to get involved on BBU if you want me to, just message me ur email address & let me know.

    Baron Orm, definitely I’d love you to be on board, what do you think a new blog with multiple admins, BBU as Simon suggested or maybe just a one pager for now to begin with? I was thinking the latter until we gauge it’s usage then maybe move it later?

    Dave (anonymous) I’ll keep you posted, what would you like to see?

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