Lindemans Faro

Lambic beers generally are an acquired taste, perhaps the Marmite of the beer world one could say, you either love them or loathe them. In contradiction to that opening statement, I actually sit somewhere in the middle…

Edging towards the love, but with one foot firmly planted in no mans land…

I was recommended to try this slightly different version by a friend on Twitter some time ago, I must apologise at this point as I really can’t remember who it was and the tweet has long since vanished, but I remembered the beer which is the main thing and finally ordered a couple from Beermerchants.

(If you are that mystery Tweeter and are reading this please take one step forward)

The purists out there will no doubt cry foul in one sense of the word or another, as Lindermans when brewing Faro, add Belgian Candy sugar to the old and new Lambic mix to produce something which is openly more accessible to a wider audience. It has tart elements as well as sweet and as such I think is a great introductory beer for the less lip pursingly bold.

It’s a good beer, a little sweet for me to drink often but one I would by again and well worth trying, the wife loves it already so expect that requests for a re-order will be forthcoming..

After seeing my comments earlier this week, friend of mine from across the pond Tom Beddell, contacted me today and sent me this link to his own fine review. Tom is a member of the North American Guild of Beer Writers and such has far more experience than I, so please check out the full review on his blog here:  TAP Beer of the Week 26: Lindemans Faro « Tom Bedell.

Let me know what you think?

5 thoughts on “Lindemans Faro

  1. Faro is actually supposed to be a sweetened lambic so the cany sugar addition should raise any eyebrows. While I’m a big lambic fan myself I’m not too keen on faro. Giradin do a decent bottled faro, though and I have enjoyed Cantillon faron on draught but it’s a rare find.

  2. Hi John, thanks for the comment, I must admit that part is not particularly well written, I’ll amend it.

    I’ll definitely keep a look out for the others you mention too. Cheers

  3. Thought I had commented but guess it drifted away. Anyway, thanks for the link. I confess that the North American Guild of Beer Writers is moribund, but I’m reluctant to remove it from my list of organizations. I’m a nostalgist, I suppose. If there is such a thing. Cheers!

  4. Shame about the NAGBW Tom, but seems you still have a good network, we have a similar thing going here but I don’t yet think I’m experienced enough in writing or commenting about beer yet t merit membership. Maybe in a year or so.

    Be good if you can spread the word and I’ll do likewise on your beery posts too and of course I’m ALWAYS open to constructive critique in the support of progressing to be a better blogger/beer enthusiast.


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