Session #57 The mystery of the disappearing blackberry wine

This months topic for The Session on “Guilty Drinking Pleasures” (or alcohol related confessions) left me stumped again for a while, so as I have been away for ten days I hoped to get away with it for a month.

However Steve this months host from Beers I’ve Known badgered me into writing a short post, so I opted for a brief recap of an event that shaped the last “twenty” odd years of my drinking life from around the age of seven…probably…

The story’s about the time I first drank myself into a drunken coma, it was on Blackberry Wine brewed by lovely old Nan who has long since left us. She lived in a house with two downstairs rooms, the “living” room which was off the kitchen and the “sitting” room which I suppose was the lounge were the TV was. She used to make two batches of wine, one with very little or no alcohol so us kids could try a drop and the other kind (rocket fuel).

Anyways one Sunday afternoon all the family were in the sitting room chatting, drinking and listening to my Nan’s old music. To cut a long story short, the record player (stereogram) was in the other room as was the wine. I was in charge of changing the records which also was situated in the same room. Hmmm..

Each time I went in there alone, I drank a good gulp of the wine from my glass before quickly topping it up to the same level from the wrong bottle and rejoining the rest of the family.

It was also my first experience of “the swirling pit”…

The first I realised how utterly sloshed I had made myself, was when I stepped outside in the cool air into the garden…

Followed very quickly by a dash to the downstairs loo to yodel down the big white telephone (which then resembled a scene from SAW 1, 2 or whatever).

They found me there after a while wondering where I was, fast asleep curled up around that cool porcelain that has seemed some comfort to I suspect most drinkers at some point in their lives, although hopefully perhaps a few years down the line..

Photograph is not me, nor is it to scale 😉

So there you have it, the truth is out, now who’s surprised?? 🙂

Incidentally this post DOES  NOT condone underage drinking, I stole it by accident for which the local Bobby popped round and gave me a good talking to and a clip round the earhole.

“Evenin all.”

1 thought on “Session #57 The mystery of the disappearing blackberry wine

  1. ha ha it. It reminds me of a similar story of me theiving red wine from the ‘adults’ table at a friends bbq when I was 16. Safe to say I drank too much, staggered home and stained the back of my dads white Vauxhall Cavalier pink 🙂
    Silly happy days

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