#TheSession – December 2011 (A gentle reminder)

Only a week to go to get your posts written, spell checked and proof read for next months edition of The Session.

Posts are due to go live on Friday December 2nd 2011.

Post your links to me directly on this, the original announcement post or direct to me via email and I’ll read them and write-up a summary.

Really looking forward to this. Cheers folks.

I’ve posted a copy of the original announcement below for your reference:

#TheSession – A Dickens of a topic for December 2011

After having a couple of dabbles into post submissions for the The Session, Steve Lamond from Beers I’ve Known, who presided over November’s edition, persuaded me to have a go at hosting.

I was offered a couple of options, June 2012 and beyond or December 2011. Aaaaaargh, I thought, December, that’s like NOW!

Anyways, after much mulling over and gnashing of teeth, I fired a few ideas across to hosts Jay & Stan (Steve too), all of whom came back with the same choice so I’m hoping it’s a good one.

So, without muttering on and on any longer, I’m happy to announce subject for the December 2011 edition of The Session:

A Christmas Carol“.

The idea for me was based loosely around the visits of three ghosts to Ebenezer Scrooge, but relayed in a post about the beers of Christmas past, present and future.

What did you drink during Christmas holidays of old, have you plans for anything exciting this year and is there something you’d really like to do one day, perhaps when the kids have flown the nest?

Do you have your own interpretation, was Scrooge perhaps a beer geek?

Or maybe it’s all one day. What will you drink Christmas morning, Christmas afternoon and what will you top off the holiday with that evening?

Just a few examples there, but the idea was to keep the topic as open as possible to allow you free rein to write about a subject with a seasonal twist in whatever way the title grabs you.

Posts are due to go live on Friday 2 December 2011, so happy writing..


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