London Calling – Going Underground

As promised just a short post listing the pubs, bars and shops that twitter folk recommended we visit on our recent trip. We did these over two days but they may just be a helpful guide to working out your own beer pilgrimage route around London.

It’s worth noting that if you can find your way around, walking is often as quick for short hops. (no pun intended, but I’ll take it) 😉

If you spot an error and know better, or have suggestions you think need adding etc let me know and I’ll amend the listings.

London Underground Tube Map

Thanks to everyone who helped to guide us in one way or another.


4 thoughts on “London Calling – Going Underground

  1. I liked The Lamb near Russell Square station. Although I haven’t been there since ’01 (whoa, I’m old); and it may be more of historical interest than a beer mecca.

  2. Baker Street isn’t the nearest tube for the Gunmakers; it’s Chancery Lane or Farringdon (when it’s open). And I think most people would find it easier to get to the Southampton Arms vis Kentish Town as you can either just walk straight up the road or get the bus that drops you right outside.

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