The Beer Stick

Conscious of the “bloggers integrity’ thing can I just say from the outset that I bought this fine but simple looking device. I did get a little help on shipping it over from the USA thanks to owner/creator Ben Focht, but I bought it all the same.

Beer Stick is a simple, rugged but quality piece of beer kit that harks back to the days when things were made to last and did. No bells or whistles on this baby.

It’s a solid lump of hardwood timber with what looks like a steel cap hook inserted into one end and a leather lanyard threaded through a drilled hole in the other. It’s a stick, for beer, simples…

The other added bonus is the way it pops those caps, although I don’t save beer caps from those oh so “special” bottles myself I know quite a few folks that do. Because that long hardwood handle sits pretty much flush with the cap, when removed it stays almost completely flat, no kinks or bends no nothing.

Currently these are not available for sale over here but I really think they should be, would you buy one if they were, if so maybe let Ben know or feel free to comment on the blog so he can pick the interest up from there?

Thanks again to Ben for working out a way to get one of these over to me and to The Ormskirk Baron for bringing it to my attention in the first place, happy as Larry innit.


P.S No bloggers have been bribed, cajoled or otherwise influenced in creating this post, I just like the kit, oak-ay…

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