Get your Sais-On #SupSaison

What do you know about Saisons?

Saison: Also known as ‘farmhouse ale’, is a Belgian style that was originally brewed during the cold months in order to last through summer. The flavor tends to focus on the earthy yeast and heavy spices, although fruit and tartness are common. Saisons are highly carbonated and tend to be dry. Typical alcohol content varies widely from 5-9%. The Beer Tutor

Bier de Garde and Saison: Pale Ales brewed in the Flanders area of Northern France and in Belgium during the Autumn and Winter and stored for Summer drinking (de Garde) or for drinking fresh (Saison/Season). Traditionally served to farm labourers in the field as “liquid bread”. Alex Barlow – All Beer Guide

That’s all very well but there’s no better way to learn than by experience and tasting their wonderfulness. Light, hoppy, MASSIVELY refreshing and bursting with fruit and biscuit flavours, they are absolutely

perfect for the Summer months.

After discussing this on Twitter (where else) it seems pace was gathering in getting our Sais-On collectively in another tasting day. We’ve opted for Saturday 15th of September to try and avoid the Leeds International Beer Festival and Borefts later that month.

So whats the idea?

No suggested beer lists although I’ll list a few suggestions later for anyone that is totally new to the style, just grab some of your favourites and drink them, preferably with a few friends as beer always tastes better when shared with your buddies. Hopefully a few of the countries top bars will join in as usual and put a few specials on for your enjoyment, if yours isn’t one of them, ask why and tell them to get their fingers out.

As promised here’s a few suggestions to look out for, it’s by no means comprehensive and there are a few listed that may not even still be available, but ideas at least to get you started on your very own Saisonathon.

Saison Cazeau
Saison Dupont
Nøgne ø Saison & India Saison
Saison Dottignies
Dupont Moinette Biologique
Flying Dog Wildeman IPA, fermented with Saison yeast
Marble/DarkStar Saison
St-Feuillien Saison
Ilkley Siberia Rhubarb Saison
Red Willow “Faithless XIV
Summer Wine Brewery Lime and Coriander Saison
Urthel Saisonaire
Saison Silly
Belgoo Saisonneke
Grassroots/Tired Hands “Wachu Saison
Jandrain IV Saison
The Bruery Saison Rue
8 Wired Saison Sauvin
Dark Star Saison
Bristol Beer Factory Saison
Fantome Saison

Saison d’Erpe-Mere

Please feel free to retweet, re-blog, share or better still write your own post, let’s get this party of the Summer Saison!


28 thoughts on “Get your Sais-On #SupSaison

  1. I would also add Urthel Saisonniere and (for something slightly different) Silly Saison. I’ve also heard good things about (but have not yet tried) Belgoo Saisonneke. I think that what is likely to come out of this is how different the Belgian Saisons are and how similar the non-Belgian interpretations are (generally speaking spicy notes from whichever Belgian yeast is used and quite a good slug of hops). This is, I know, something of a generalisation but not too far off the mark I think.

    • Me too, glad it’s catching folks imagination and hopefully gathering pace, fingers crossed we get a god interaction on the day 🙂

  2. This is a great idea, Phil. Saison has been one of my favourite styles since trying Dupont years ago. It deserves to remain the gold standard. I’ll be in Brussels that weekend too – perfect!

    • What better place to be for a Saisonathon, make sure you send me updates and pictures so we can see what you get up to

  3. Cool, Brooklyn Sorachi Ace & Brooklyn BAMboozle are both listed as saison and have both recently been imported to the Uk again. Sorachi Ace is outstanding IMHO.

  4. Anyone in Ireland watch out for the Spelt Saison made by Trouble Brewing (with just a little help from me!). Available in a small few pubs around Dublin at the moment and on cask only.

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    • Excellent news, what are the chances of getting some guys involved over in the US, a few blog posts & tasting events?

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