Samantha Fox’s juicy burgers at Rachels

Now stop it, really, you know that this isn’t THAT kind of blog, although I’m sure I’ll get everything I deserve spam wise with that title..

No this is about a lovely little, sorry correction, the greatest little burger bar in Brussels.

We stumbled across Chez Rachel completely by accident after our first trip to Moeder Lambic (you can read about that here), we’d had a few beers and were heading back towards The Grande Place in search of food and more beer and had passed this little unassuming café when going the other way (it’s literally a few hundred yards/metres from Moeder Lambic). In fact we’d even stopped on the first occasion for a photo-call as the wife (Rachel) took her chance of mini fame, even then we’d not glanced at the menu.

This time as we were passing as so often is the case with good eateries we saw someone’s food being served to one of the street tables, our first introduction to the “Samantha Fox Does Picnic”.

Now I realise this picture probably does not sell the experience well, Chez Rachel has quite moody lighting inside and the photo was taken on a phone, but trust me this was one AMAZING burger.

250g of juicy super tasty beef burger cooked to perfection with a crispy charred outside and slightly pink centre, with cheddar, pickled gherkins, sautéed red onions, bacon, tomato and the most delicious barbecue sauce I’ve ever tasted (not over sweet and sickly as some are). All topped off with two yolk-tastic fried eggs…  Quite simply it was the best burger I have ever had including Byrons and Masterchef winning chef Tim Anderson’s Brewdog bar creations.

There were loads more options on the menu, bagels, omelettes and lots more delicious sounding burgers including the “Yoko” with Teriyaki sauce. Reasonable prices too, I only wish we’d gone back the following day for seconds..

The drinks menu is nothing fancy but it doesn’t sell itself to be, a fairly standard range of beer, Jupiler, Carlsberg, Hoegaarden, Duvel and Kriek (which one it doesn’t say) with wine, coffees and soft drinks should that not inspire you.

I’ve posted photographs of the menu below, not brilliant but hopefully readable at least.

So stick Chez Rachel on your beer tour itinerary and (I’m having to sorely resist making some sort of Sam Fox and fried egg related double entendre here) enjoy the best burgers in town.


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