Café Rose Red – Bruges

Imagine you are out late at night after a heavy fall of soft fluffy white snow, all around you is glistening white bathed in bright moonlight. You close your eyes and listen…

Nothing, the world around you is silent, the sense of tranquility is so tangibly strong you can almost taste it, that silence…..

Trappist Beer – Taste The Silence” the strap line of Café Rose Red, I like that, it sort of sums up what you should feel when drinking an authentic monastic beer, all quiet and reflective. Not that Rose Red is like that, there’s no vow of silence to make when you enter please be assured, although there is a certain ambience about the place that could induce long bouts of silent pondering over chalices full to the brim with dark frothy headed beer.

See what I mean? St Bernardus Abt12 on tap, definitely worth a few hours pondering…

Café Rose Red is a beautiful little bar situated just off the main tourist trail, but still only a stones throw from the market square. There is a warm welcoming feel to the place as you enter the main bar area which is brimming with character, a happy place, somewhere that cares about your overall experience, a safe haven from the bustling tourist hot spots.

The beer list is plentiful, not enormously humongous compared to some, but at around 120 it is more than adequate, with something to suit all tastes on the menu. As you can imagine there is a strong emphasis on Trappist beer and I got my second chance at drinking St Bernardus Abt12 on tap, a much more enjoyable experience than my earlier encounter with it at the Monasterium.

Sadly we only found Rose Red on our second night which is a real shame as it’s gone straight into my top three places to visit in wonderful Bruges, sitting the esteemed company of Brugs Beertje and Staminee De Garre.

To get more detail visit the website here, or you can visit the Rose Red blog here.

I’ve also found out whilst searching for links that there is also a small hotel that is attached to Rose Red called Hotel Cordoeanier. I’m not sure if the two are owned by the same people but they do offer packages which include drinks and food at the café bar amongst other things, it looks a cool place to stay too.

Address details below, cheers..

7 thoughts on “Café Rose Red – Bruges

  1. your blogs on these places are making me want to get on Eurostar! I feel an early Christmas present coming up.

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