Rooster’s Baby-Faced Assassin; Praise for Home Brew

Finally opened “My Precious” last night and popped back to Leigh’s blog to reacquaint myself with how it tasted 12 months ago. I’m not going to write it up again when it’s already been done well at The Good Stuff but have noted yesterday’s findings in comments, hope you enjoy reading this as I did.


The Good Stuff

Ok, I wasn’t going to blog about this beer, because I know it’s not available for everyone and, quite frankly, it’s not fair. However, it’s so damn good, and other people have already, that I’m going to give in. What can I say –  I’m weak. Beer Weak.

Anyway, Rooster’s Baby-Faced Assassin is what you get if a crack homebrewer (and I’m sure Tom won’t mind me using that term; he’s really good) gets his hands on a real brewplant. In fact, that Brewery is now his – he and his brother Ol (formerly of Copper Dragon) have taken over at Rooster’s and are guiding the reins admirably thus far. When I heard this news, my first question was ‘Are you going to brew BFA?’, so was I taken by it when I first tasted it earlier in the year. Some non-committal answer was given, the subject changed and…

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