Borefts – De Molen Beer Festival

After a long weary journey from Amsterdam via Utrecht we have finally arrived at the craft beer Mecca that is Bodegraven and the Borefts beer festival.

I’m going to try and keep a live (ish) updated blog of events but already, two beers in I’ve already forgotten what beer one was and have had to revert to manual to remind me it was Thornbridge Whisky aged Bedecea, a dark delicious starter. Closely followed by Del Ducato Massochist IPA which is another lovely fresh and fruity IPA.

Already bumped into lots of familiar faces, brewers, bloggers and drinkers from the UK and am now heading in the direction of Buxton Brewery for Tsar Bomba….






The Tsa truly rocks with sour sweet in perfect balance, I really hope it becomes a regular in the Buxton stable.

Staying on the lighter abv beers (cough, cough) and a trip to the Alvinne bar, and the ultra tasty Melchoir Bourbon Barrrel barley wine, YUM!



This one is an interesting little fellow, infused with beaver musk and served from a gentlemans urinal, it’s weirdly apt actually although altogether drinkable


So, pretty much as predicted this live blogging lark as the photo above demonstrates so perfectly, literally went down the pan.. Probably for the best really as in all honesty, as beer descriptions go, I may as well have just said it was all really lovely, lovely beer. It’s just so difficult to try and pull apart and analyse beers and relay them in the written word with so much going on around you and so many folks to chat to. Safe to say it’s a bloody brilliant festival.

Hopefully that comes across at least in the photographs included, more of which I’m sure will follow.


3 thoughts on “Borefts – De Molen Beer Festival

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