A cheeky one for the “brew dog” lovers…

maggie2Meet my dog Maggie, or at least a cartoon version of her. She’s a fine ales connoisseur, a canine “some-smellier’ of all things beery. I call her the brew dog in chief as she’s probably tasted a wider selection of beers than most humans I know and definitely knows a tasty tipple from a dreary drop.

It’s true she’s proper fickle. It may sound odd but she very quickly sniffs out when I’ve got something really hoppy or conversely dark and malt heavy in a glass and she’s straight on my lap hoping for a little taste of beery goodness. Sadly she can’t get her paws around using ratebeer or untapped so no stats are available of her conquests…

She doesn’t get much, a finger dipped in the glass, hastily licked clean (until I run out of unlicked fingers). All in moderation of course before the animal cruelty brigade are on my case, she’s well-loved and I wouldn’t dream of hurting her, she only gets a few drops of each and never enough to leave her feeling RUFF!.

Anyway, that’s not the real reason for the post. Maggie also loves a trip to the pub (see here), as do most dogs. Lots of fuss, lovely smells and the odd tasty snack from friendly punters.

For anyone who shares the pleasure of taking or seeing dogs in pubs this will really make you laugh or at least I hope it does. It’s a brilliant bit of animation and I can just see our Maggie each time I watch it, I’m sure you’ll see it in your dogs too, enjoy…

Thanks to Jim of Bulls Head fame for sharing.


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