The “Buxton” Tap…

Wow time flies when you’re having fun. It doesn’t seem like five minutes since I was busy booking trains for the Buxton Brewery assault on the Euston Tap and here we are a few days after the event and it’s all done and dusted…(sad face)

dmYR473keAExbxd1bG75qsHYQ_OiGN0bHurAf8s71kYWhat a great event it was though and well worth the trip, the place was rammed to the rafters with beer lovers eager to sample the Buxton range and of course a first taste of the new kid on the block Wyoming Sheep Ranch.wsr25-540x220

???????????????????????????????We had a great day touring the sights beforehand too, Borough Market early doors to stock up the old bread basket, Kernel Brewery because it’s sacrilege not to visit there if you are in London on a Saturday morning. Plus a new highlight for me (and you too if you know what’s good for you) a visit to Partizan Brewing which is literally a five-minute walk from Kernel, each sitting not in competition, but more of a complimentary fashion to the other in the emerging microcosm of beer and foodie hipster-land of the Bermondsey arches. As my good mate Chris Dixon has documented the day here in fine fashion I won’t go into it further, but give it a read and keep an eye on Beer Drinkage for future posts.

gGJK-kdp3kYHfZ8E_t48TvHgEV9inq5J4IbjK6PnQZABack to the tap the beers from Buxton were on absolutely banging form, I’d go as far as saying most were the best I’d ever had from the Peak Districts finest hop rustlers. As highlights the Wild Boar was phenomenal, so fresh and juicy I really could have drunk that all afternoon.

Axe Edge of course was predictably stunning, I’ve waffled on about its excellence on many occasions and even tried to blend it too, but on Saturday it was better.. Don’t ask me why, fresher maybe, tweaked recipe, the occasion, I don’t know, but trust me it rocked!

I was at this point I hoped to review Wyoming Sheep Ranch, I tasted it on the day and can confirm it’s another class act, but took no notes as I had a bottle tucked safely in my bag for home so I thought I’d be able to give it more thought there. In a random act of kindness though, I gave it away to a chap I was told afterwards apparently owns/runs Dean Swift, his bottle had disappeared and as I live locally, I thought it would be far easier for me to acquire another bottle than he, so I shared the love and he went away a happier chap.

From what I remember it was more of a meatier beast than Axe Edge, by that I’m not inferring it contained traces of Shergar… I mean it was more full-bodied, having a nice thick malt character, plus hoppy as hell with loads of flavours going on including a big old slab of fresh pineapple. Hopefully it won’t be long before I get to try another bottle so watch this space, or better still try it yourself and let me know what you think.

dekW7y45uty9C8Ibg_KFlK-Lf7KcnYEMlmPxrLqh9OAThanks to everyone who made the day what it was, especially the guys from Buxton and the Euston Tap as without their hard work and hospitality I’d have no doubt been asleep on the sofa instead of having a superb day out drinking a fine selection of beers with good  friends.

A massive thanks to The Evening Brews too for the photographs, as I stupidly neglected that task on the day..


5 thoughts on “The “Buxton” Tap…

  1. Nice one bud. Mahoosive thanks for the blog plug too! I’ll have to start writing some stuff eh?

    I’ll get you some WSR from Cotteridge next time I go over. Got two saved, easy enough to add to them (if they’ve not sold out that is)

  2. Sounds like a great day – you’re always guaranteed plenty of crackers at a Buxton takeover…

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