Firsty Friday at Offbeat Brewery

0a747baf-68b3-4f21-bf54-815aae5ba18dFirsty Friday, what’s that all about?

Well, from my perspective it’s a chance to support a local brewery trying something a little bit different, not just in terms of innovative brewing, but actually opening the doors and meeting customers head on. There’s no big guided tour, more a come on down and try some you might like it approach.

Basically it’s a chance to try some great beer as fresh as fresh can be, reasonably priced and if you’re lucky, served to you by Michelle (the Brewster pictured stage left) herself.

So why Firsty Friday you ask in a suitably puzzled fashion?

OK, I’ll explain. The event happens at OffBeat Brewery once a month on the First Friday of each month and hopefully as a willing participant on arrival you’ll be (F)thirsty, get it?

Firsty-Friday, simples.

473524_10151180802543479_1141243468_oSo far to my shame, I’ve only managed to attend the one session, this was on a cold December (Friday) night last year, funnily enough the first Friday of the month (I think you get the picture).

The place was heaving with folks spilling out of the two smallish rooms to the forecourt which was cloaked a haze of wood smoke from the brightly burning brazier folks gathered around for warmth. My god it was cold too, but hardly noticeable as the company was warm, the beers were flowing and the barbecued burgers and sausages helped give essential internal winter fuel.


Firsty Friday is back next month after a short and probably wise winter break. Friday 1st of March 2013 is the date, stick in your diary and hopefully I’ll see you there. Address details are attached below.

7447fb35-6b3f-4530-8de4-29770ab7ce29Note: If the weather stays the way it is now, dig out those thermals, you’ll probably need em.

Offbeat Brewery Ltd
Unit 6 Thomas Street
United Kingdom

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