Stoot! (aka Tyne Bank Cherry Stout)

20130404-212547.jpgI was lucky enough to be in the Toon last year and whilst it’s always lucky being in the Toon full stop as its a great city, full of wonderful people who are extra lucky to have a plethora of awesome watering holes (not to mention the mighty Magpies). But I (we), were exceedingly “super-lucky” that day (OK, I think that’s enough of the lucky thing for now) to be in Toon for a Tyne Bank meet the brewer night to launch the years Cherry Stout, aka Stoot.

The name of the venue now escapes me but Stoot was available on cask and tasting absolutely beautiful and we spent a lovely few hours with Mark and Julia from the brewery, plus Mick and some of the gang from from the Free Trade Inn. I even managed to come away with a cheeky bottle tucked under my arm which which is being supped as I write this tonight.

20130404-213202.jpgNow there are so many supposedly “fruit based” beers out there that just get it wrong in my opinion, often loaded with syrups and flavourings that overpower everything rather than actually do anything positive to really enhance the taste of the beer in question, but in this case Tyne Bank pull it off in fine style.

It’s subtlety all the way with this Cherry Stout. The aromas are of chocolate and kirsch with a hint of dry sherry. In the mouth it’s all about the bitter dark chocolate and sour cherries, again neither dominating the other just working in complimentary fashion like eating chocolate cherry liqueurs at Christmas (anytime).

There’s no heavy cloying mouthfeel either which is so often the case with similar fruity offerings, it’s a real smooth easy drinking stout which goes down far too easily for 5.2%, which is nice..

It’s such a shame that I only get to drink it once in a blue moon, ah well, until next year..


1 thought on “Stoot! (aka Tyne Bank Cherry Stout)

  1. I feel the same about fruit beers. i was turned off years ago with Pete’s Strawberry Blond which tasted like fruit loops. Baddedddd. I did have a Blue Point Sour Cherry stout recently and was less impresed. Yours sounded better.

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