Macclesfield Twissup #isosceles


Picture blatantly nicked from Andy Mogg

It’s been a whole eight days already since I floated the idea of a get together in sunny Macclesfield in June (check it here), there have been lots of positive comments and interest from “interested parties” shall we say, so it’s all starting to look pretty darn groovy.

All this is absolutely fine and wonderful, but of course we need something albeit ever so slightly wooly, to guesstimate how many folks are interested in definitely going, maybe going etc etc, you know the drill..

Being rubbish at counting and hoping for more folks than I have fingers, I’ve decided to create a Facebook page as another focal point for declaring interest and for news updates which you can access here. (If you do visit though remember to click on the actual event and register your interest whatever that may be). Also note that anything on there will be replicated here and on twitter, so there is no requirement to do both.

I’ve also created this lovely poll thingamajig device as seen below to make things even simpler as all you have to do is click the appropriate option and Bobs’ your uncle, tis done

Stay tuned Twipsters, cheers

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