Wishlist? #isosceles #twissup

Macc Triangle Aged 2If you’ve followed the updates for the Macclesfield Twissup, you’ll know that already we have some pretty exciting brews available for your drinking pleasure on the day.

If you’ve not been following, (where have you been/shame on you *delete as applicable), I’ve listed the updates below.

Twissupdate 1 #isosceles

Blood Orange Pale Ale and Breakfast Pie – #Twissupdate 2

Elusive Brewing Weird Bearded Beer Geekery (or) #Twissupdate 3

Pretty damn groovy I’d hope you’d agree, but there are still a lot of empty cask and keg lines to fill and that’s where I’m hoping you guys come in.

beer1If you can spare a few minutes, note down a list of three beers you’d like to see on the bars that day. Be realistic, they have to be something the venues have a chance at getting, so no Pliny etc if you please.

Maybe it’s new stuff like Snowball, the next release from Magic Rock you fancy, or perhaps something old school, or just your favourite tipple?

Drop them in the comments box on here, on the Facebook page or even via Twitter and I’ll pass them on.

Whilst I can’t promise anything, maybe at least some of the most popular or recurring suggestions will make the cut?

Cheers folks

3 thoughts on “Wishlist? #isosceles #twissup

  1. I’d like to echo the three above – seriously! All the specials looks stunning, and they are all going to be fairly strong/strong-tasting, so (for a change) I’d like to fly the flag for some session deliciousness! and the three above are, quite frankly, leaders in that genre. So yeah – as John said!

  2. In the interest of representing all methods of dispense fairly see below:

    1) Weird Beard “Fade to Black”
    2) Marble “Dobber”
    3) Buxton “High Tor”

    1) Buxton “Samarbejds Ødelæggelse IPA”
    2) Marble “Emancipation”
    3) Magic Rock “The Juggler”

    1) Red Willow “Faithless whatever can be found in the deepest darkest recesses of the brewery”
    2) Quantum “SK2”
    3) Saison A’Trois

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