Belgium revisited

belgian_flagAs anyone following me on twitter or here on Beersay will know, I visit Belgium pretty regularly and as such I often get asked for suggestions and advice on where to visit and stay etc.

Not that I am the font of all knowledge on the subject of course, as most of the information I have is gleaned from experience myself, after taking suggestions from friends, books etc.

I made such a visit a few weeks ago, making two-day stops at Gent and Antwerp both of which were new to me, plus Bruges which is a place I’ve revisited three times to date. Before my trip I set about gathering suggestions as usual for the virgin territory and for anything new on the old ground and thought it may be a good idea to start a bit of a reference section with a links page and hopefully a map for each city I’ve visited and created reviews for.

P1020647This then is basically a bit of a precursor for the above. Over the next few days/weeks/months, I’ll be posting a series of mini/full reviews of places to drink and places to stay, followed by the final reference page for each city or area which can then be added to by me, or as guest review slots. (If you have any you’d like me to include drop me a note in comments or via twitter etc)

Hopefully something useful and more importantly useable will be the end result.

Watch this space



11 thoughts on “Belgium revisited

  1. Phil, I have been to Bruges twice and loved the beer and atmosphere at De Garre. I have tried unsuccessfully to buy a De Garre glass while there. I understand they now will sell a glass if you are there but will not ship one. Is there any chance you would buy one for me on your next trip there? I am in my late sixties and I’m afraid I will never get there again. I would be happy to pay you for the glass and any mailing costs to NC. Thanks for your consideration . Jeff Mackie

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    • Cheers Graham, when I get the Gent posts written up I intend to add a sort of summary page and all being well a map. I’ll add this to that then if that is ok?

  2. I’m spending the August bank holiday weekend in Ghent and Antwerp so am very interested to read your upcoming posts. Any reviews/tips would be greatly appreciated.

    • I’m trying to get them all written up and in truth they should be all published by then, but if you want to plan and want a bit of a heads up beforehand on places to go and or stay, let me know and we can sort something out?

  3. I was in Belgium last week! I am hoping to upload my posts tonight / tomorrow night … will give you a shout see if we crossed paths anywhere…

    • Wow you picked the weather for it I bet, saying that it was pretty good for us too. Yes I’m sure we did at some stage, let me know when they are up. Cheers

      • Not sure if you seen them but they are all up now … becuase I did drafts on my phone while away they have not come up in the order of posting but in order of drafts created! So either have to scroll down or just hit up the travel posts section! ta mate!

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