Beer make Mongos head hurt, Mongo like beer….

BSALxSlCIAIjzwm.jpg-largeI picked up the picture above from twitter, sent in dismay by a New Zealand based brewer (who shall remain nameless) earlier this week. It got me thinking as to whether this was just awful advertising or, very clever marketing, after all it’s getting circulated now isn’t it, albeit for all the wrong reasons?


Mongo…(artists impression) probably

Then I took a look at the Tui website and watched a few of their even classier video/TV advertisements too and it all became clear, they seem to be the New Zealand beer industries answer to Zoo and Nuts magazine, who’s chief marketing executive could quite possibly be, Sid The Sexists Kiwi cousin…

That said, their Facebook page has 173,421 likes, so what do I know.

But I ask you this, what does the offending poster say about Tui beer and the people that they perceive drink it?

To me it says, “our beer is bland, but we don’t care because you guys drink have no taste and drink shit loads of it anyway” (sounds familiar), when tied in with the rest of the Tui advertising portfolio it goes further to say “oh by the way, you are basically all Neanderthals…”

Or am I just being over sensitive?

10 thoughts on “Beer make Mongos head hurt, Mongo like beer….

  1. 100% agree with you. An initial attack on educated beer drinkers actually turns out to insult their own audience. But as you say, they’re probably too short-sited to pick up on this.

  2. This is the difference between craft beer (in the absence of a better expression) and mainstream beer isn’t it? I think it’s a bit like the difference between someone who reads The Sun or Daily Mail and someone who reads The Guardian or Independent… but maybe I’m being too general and/or political?! Also Tui beer is apparently only for men as the strapline when you visit their website is, “Distracting the boys from the task at hand since 1889”. Hmm. I’ll keep my ‘feminine’ palate away from that then and order a nice floral scented pie.

    • Bang on Sophie, sexist claptrap to start with, but also insulting their own target audience to a degree. Would you want you steak and kidney (or any other) pie to smell of nothing, cardboard and twigs perhaps. Sadly there are a few UK selling breweries getting close to this marker too..

  3. i think it says, we dont care about you craft drinkers, we sell enough beer to the uneducated in this matter to keep me in petrol.

    • also it says are beer is for the boring unadventourous people, i wont be drinking tui when i go new zealand

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