Beer and food matching (coughs) ca-ching!

I genuinely try not to be negative on here, no honestly I really do. Regardless of my moods or opinions the last thing you want to read is me bleating on about them all the time, and conscious that my last post also had a hint of “chunter” about it, I’ll stop right now, or at least try..

I just wanted to show you this, it may not be new and could have already have been mulled over in much detail already, but it is new to me at least after having my eye drawn to it earlier today.

Now I actually like Mr Lovejoy. Let me rephrase that, I usually admire his work, I like watching Sunday Brunch, the show which Tim currently co hosts, it’s a normally entertaining and I openly applaud them for bringing good beer to our screens with the help the shows resident “drinks expert”. On this venture though Tim, I’m not yet quite convinced that you are being led by the heartfelt “mission to get the nations foodies excited by….BEER”, as you express at the start of each video?

So far “Let There Be Beer” has showcased the merits of John Smiths Extra Smooth, Sharps Doom Bar, Cobra, Heineken, and the two featured above, Fosters Radler and Carling Zest to stir the nations excitement, “be still my beating heart”.

How many Indian or Thai establishments have you been to recently that DON’T sell Cobra or something very similar for example?

So, lets dig deeper into the wealth of beer matching possibilities listed on the sites “beer companion” section. Carling, Becks, Desperados, Heineken, Fosters, John Smiths Extra Smooth, Deuchars IPA etcetera, beer and fine dining at Wetherspoons perchance, their drinks menu is remarkably similar? (Takes blood pressure tablet as excitement reaches fever pitch)

Is that helping the nations brewers get their products in restaurant chiller cabinets or even slightly broadening diners horizons?

This has, or maybe had, potential. As it stands it’s looking like a TV celebrity, endorsing cash-rich mainstream brewing corporations already market flooding beers, which is real shame as it stands potentially, to undo the good works being done by so many great beer people out there that are really passionate about this for the right reasons.

But, as I said, I’m trying not being negative although hopefully my opinions are pretty “Damme” clear, I shall say no more.

Comments welcomed of course with the slightest hope that someone involved in this reads them and takes note…

5 thoughts on “Beer and food matching (coughs) ca-ching!

  1. Thanks for posting this Phil. I think I’ve got the measure of Let There Be Beer now. It’s not about turning the nation on to beer – because we are already a nation of beer drinkers – and it’s not about beer for the sake of beer – as has been the claim. What it seems to be about is riding the coat-tails of the beer revolution (whether you want to call it craft or not!) in fear of losing market share to microbrewers who are clearly making a better product. …

    • It sickens me Sophie, it really does, it’s so obvious too. The sad thing is that many many people will follow this and think that this is the best they can hope for.
      Keep fighting the good fight as I know you will though, you have a presence and a platform to really educate the nations drinkers and diners.

      P.S If any maître d’ dares to offer me a Fosters Radler with anything other than a sick bucket, I’ll punch him right in the eye…

  2. I’ve not seen the show but seems like a total cop out to me. Here is a chance to find a few accessible craft beers which are all over the place and being them to the wider public. What a waste!!

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