GBBH Twitter Tasting #Sainsbeerys

Just a short post to remind folks to get down to Sainsbury’s and hit the seasonal aisle in search of this years Great British Beer Hunt finalists, better still get them tomorrow and join in a mass tasting session tomorrow night via Twitter and any other social media item as you will, as mentioned in my last post on GBBH.IMG_7004

There’s no set criteria, no drinking order, and you definitely do not need to be an expert. Just grab some of your favourite beers or whichever catch your eye (as shelf presence is important too), then join in and share your thoughts using the hashtag #Sainsbeerys as suggested by @BeerOClockShow and/or #GBBH if you have space.

Tell us what you think, promote your top three or just sit back, drink and enjoy the fun, hopefully some of the brewers will join in the banter too.

Time is what suits you obviously, but let’s aim for 7:30 onwards for the main shenanigans to commence.. 😉

So that’s Wednesday 18th September 2013 at 19:30 onwards


3 thoughts on “GBBH Twitter Tasting #Sainsbeerys

  1. I’d love to know what sainsburys are paying for the beers showcased in this promotion, if all the beers are £1.50 a bottle great for the drinker, great for sainsburys, but I suspect very small change for the brewers supplying sainsburys. Yet another example of a supermarket cheapening alcohol and filling its pockets as a result, to my mind, I’d much sooner buy the beers in a local retailer, than sainsbugs, enjoy 🙂

    • Shane I agree in some respects and have already spoken to some brewers who don’t even submit beers for that reason (i.e the price they receive and penalties if they can’t fulfil orders etc.).
      That said, knowing this I believe that anyone who does, goes into this with eyes wide open in the fact that it is a great marketing opportunity, just think of potentially how many million new eyes are going to see the likes of Hardknott, Harbour etc that are situated in remote regions and who’s beers are generally confined to specialist bars and retailers outside of their normal reach.
      (I’m lucky to have a few and will not be switching btw ;))

      I’m not saying it’s perfect, but you have to remember not everyone has access to a local retailer who stocks anything more than mainstream dare I say it supermarket brands.

      Prices, well I sort of agree, but this is a three week promotion and afterwards I’m sure those would rise in line with others in the bottled range, lower than beer shops, but with buying power you’d expect that, but still not in the ‘two cases of twelve for twenty quid” bracket.

      A debate to be continued methinks….?

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