Brewfist Meet The Brewer at Red Willow Bar

So, after a slightly enforced break from blogging, I’m going to try another attempt at doing it live… (don’t hold your breath as the last three have failed after the second beer sample). Tonight features Italian brewers Brewfist, in the relatively new, but definitely amazing new Red Willow Bar in Macclesfield.

I’ll most definitely write more about the venue at a later date, but for now and your information it looks and feels amazing, plus more importantly has fifteen keg lines, five cask & fifty gins behind the bar to keep you entertained.

So, for now I’ll leave you with some pictures to set the scene and fingers crossed, updates throughout the evening…







Head brewer Pietro (hope I spelled that right). Starts the proceedings by explaining the Italian craft beer market & the breweries target sector. First beer of the night is Terminal, brewed for the brewery tap “Terminal One”. It’s a light hoppy pale brewed with lots of citra. It’s really bitter and incredibly flavoursome for such a low abv, crisp, fresh, lots of grapefruit, I think a little grainy/bready (the table disagree) but hey it’s my nose 😉


Serving now Caterpillar a collaboration brew with Danish brewers “Beer Here”, another pale ale but this time with rye malts, upping the abv to 5.8%. Thoughts around the table, “thicker mouthfeel, bitter but slightly sweet finish, hints of jasmine tea?” Big thumbs up generally.


Czech Norris “Walker Imperial Pilsner” next, Czech hops, crazy name fuelled by alcohol, dry hops… Wow!
Smells like it should be sour, tastes like it should be a barley wine, it’s bizarre but my god it really works. 6.7% abv


Heimdall Galaxy Saison is our fourth beer tonight, a Belgian styled beer, brewed collaboratively with a German brewery by Italians, it’s complicated, it tastes so too, in a very good way. Hoppy, huge yeastiness, pepper, strawberries, other stuff, look it’s good alright..


Fifth beer (blimey I’m still blogging) it’s fear, not writing fear, beer “Fear”, fear of “going dark”… A chocolate milk stout. A stout that apparently draws attention from the Italian drug police because of the lactose purchases and the links to cutting cocaine. Personally speaking I’m not a massive milk stout fan, this is very good though, rich, smooth, chocolatey (not surprisingly)


Ouch, I made it, although I may regret reading this back tomorrow, last beer, “Green Petrol” Black (almost imperial) IPA, black as pitch, toasty flavours, hoppy as feck, bloody delicious.

Signing off very soon, if you’ve not tried Brewfist beers, do it, do it soon. If you’ve not visited Red Willow Bar, do that too, sooner still and kill two birds with one stone.

Great night, cheers all



2 thoughts on “Brewfist Meet The Brewer at Red Willow Bar

  1. would have loved to have come to this, got a lot of time for both. Will be visiting once the new year’s out of the way and my budget for beer trips returns (damn christmas)

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