Brew Beginnings #BackInMacc

Yes, I’m still here….

It has been a while since the first (only) #BackInMacc update, things sort of developed and what with lots of other stuff going on, it just hasn’t seemed a good time to be on the blog at all if I’m honest. The original planned date of Saturday 13th September 2014 still stands, but after discussion with a few of the folk involved the format has changed slightly, but hopefully will still appeal to anyone who loves great beer, food and company.

Back In Macc

Amazing graphic creation…

After my announcement way back when, that we would be going back to Macc, something just didn’t feel right about the whole thing. The main reason for the original delay was about availability of everyone involved, in particular from the perspective of the businesses. They put a lot of time and effort into things like this, planning is key as it is vital that everything is in place to show each venue off at its best. But there was also an uneasiness about holding another full-blown “Twissup” type event in the same place so soon even though things have moved on somewhat, expanding the beer appeal.

So after giving it some thought, I had a chat with a few folks who were of a similar mind and decided I’d like to “try” and create something of a more permanent nature. An event that if successful, may have the potential to become an annual feature on the beer calendar in Macclesfield, and yet still draw in folks from across the UK and beyond as the original #isosceles twissup originally did.

As we all know, beer is going through a bit of a renaissance, I don’t think we have ever had it so good, ever. New breweries with new beers, pubs and bars looking at new approaches to cash in on the demands of the more discerning customer. Exciting “Willie (Craft) Wonkeresque” specialist beer shops springing up all over the place, crammed to the rafters with an elaborate array of brightly labelled bottles in all shapes and sizes, promising to be the elusive ale drinkers golden ticket, the latest BIG THING.

15But, although all this is great for us punters, for new start-up breweries it is probably tougher than ever to make it through that bustling hop scented crowd and get noticed. That’s where I’m hoping this event will come in and provide some sort of platform, a mini soap box to give as many as is practical a leg up to catch the beer loving multitudes collective attention.

Of course I understand this is not particularly ground breaking, new breweries feature at beer festivals and beer bars all over the country at various times, but not I’m hoping at the same time which is our aim here, to showcase a selection of the best new or aspiring brewery’s and or brewers, some of which may not even be in commercial production as yet, and in doing so keeping it very fresh.

We already have some really exciting sounding projects in progress and committed to the cause, including creations from “Five Oh Brewing Co“, “Axiom Brewing“, “Otherton Ales” and “Broadford Brewer” more news on those in coming weeks. We still need more though, so if you have any recommendations or feel that this event would suit you, please do get in touch via comments section below or the Facebook page and of course catch me on Twitter.

As per last year I have a few ideas about foodie treats to keep the belly full and your strength up which will be also confirmed soon too. Plus of course the day will not “exclusively” be turned over to the new blood, we still plan to have some phenomenal beers from established favourites too.

Cheers all, hope to see you there.

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