Macclesfield update #BackInMacc

We are getting ever closer to September and quite rightly, a few of you have asked questions on updates for #BaccInMacc. Things have moved on a pace behind the scenes, but without proper confirmation it’s been difficult to share anything for fear it falls through. But here goes, we have some great things lined up and some still to be announced very soon.

Itinerary wise we are looking like this, a slight change from last years route for various reasons, but this one keeps things nice and accessible to all and allows folk to deviate a little should they wish. Clearly the idea though is to stay together and follow the events, beers and brewers as we go. The timings are approximate, but aim to allow around an hour and three-quarters in each with gaps to allow time to move on and get served in comfort.

*Saturday 13th September 2014*

Treacle Tap – 11am- 12:50

RedWillow Brewery – 12:45-14:45

Wharf 15 -17:15

RedWillow Bar 17-30 – 20:00

IMG_6367At the Treacle Tap we are aiming for a breakfast start with sustenance provided in the form of another breakfast pie (or a variation of) from Great North Pies, a real hit last time around.

We also have a very special beer line up throughout the day to please even the most geekiest of geeks, more details on that very soon.

I am going to have to stay “a little” tight-lipped on the actual beer list at each venue, but take it from me, you WILL NOT be disappointed. We have several new breweries supplying beers, hopefully with some or all brewers attending. A couple of very special collaborations in the offing, plus some stunning beer in cask and keg from the local area and, “further afield”…

Sssshhhh….Here’s a sneak preview of a couple….

The Pomegranate pLambic Project – Elusive Brewing

As you will have read, Andy has home-brewed this, but for those who do not know his 79f86de366a048bdab23bd882975c5bcpedigree he has brewed with some of the best and launched the amazing Nelson Saison here in Macc last year. Andy has kindly donated this, so it will be shared on some sort of charitable donation basis tbc. You won’t see this again!

Wharfe Bank Brewery – RoShamBo IPA

logo-navThis sounds like another tip-top project with three brewers (some familiar names involved) setting out to create a 6 hop IPA which I have no doubt will be a stunner, a brief introduction is here with a full brew day report to follow soon.

Lots more updates coming thick and fast here and on the Facebook page too, so sign up/follow/whatever and get that date in the diary.

If you are planning to come along it would be brilliant if you could add yourself to the event page itself too, so all the venues have ideas on numbers, click *HERE*

That is all for now, “keep em peeled”


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