Hopping mad Shane Warns of the aged and fresh – #BackInMacc

Oooh, that title…(hides)

Just a little teaser of a couple of brews from Cheshire Brewhouse appearing at BackInMacc. One will be completely new, launched on the day, the other old and exclusive as the only kegged version available anywhere.

The first will be “John Barleycorn’s Green Hop Temptress” a fresh green hopped pale ale, fresh being the optimum word here, launched at Treacle Tap. The other is Shane’s Govinda 6.8% IPA, aged in white wine barrels, which will grace Toby Mckenzies RedWillow Bar.

Both paragraphs below are direct from Mr Swindells himself, who will be in attendance on the day at both venues, read on…

John Barleycorns Green Hop Temptress

10472593_681283431961182_1507826716037814613_nHarvest time is almost upon us with the hop bines bursting with fantastic British hops. I have decided that we have to release John Barleycorn’s Green Hop Temptress again in early September. This is a green hop beer, made with fresh English hops (Usually Golding’s) from Herefordshire. I will be collecting them, then driving straight back to the brewery and making this beer within 24 hours of them being picked. Therefore we promise a pale refreshing and unique beery experience, giving you the chance to try fresh green hop flavours in a beer that is only available for a few weeks each year.

We will be launching John Barleycorn’s Green Hop Temptress at The Treacle Tap at 11am on Saturday 13th September as part of the #BackInMacc Twissup https://beersay.wordpress.com/2014/08/14/macclesfield-update-backinmacc/

Govinda Brewed for Wood Ageing


Following the success of our Gyle 100 release of Govinda IPA, our homage to the classic and only true IPA style of beer, the “British (English) IPA”. I have brewed it again, (Gyle 145) but will be ageing over 1/2 of the batch in oak casks that I bought from the last Master Cooper in England, Alastair Simms of The White Rose Cooperage in Wetherby Yorkshire.

800 bottles of this very special English IPA made only with Pale English Malt and the Finest whole Flower East Kent Golding hops will be released at the end of November 2014 to a select few independent bottled conditioned real ale outlets in Cheshire and wider in the UK.


 It’s all sounding rather good, plenty more to come too, spread the word

Cheers all

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