#Session 60 – Growlers Galore

This months edition of the Session is hosted by Kendall Jones of The Washington Beer Blog, the theme, Growlers Galore.

To my fellow United Kingdom dwelling readers, especially those locally to me in England. To avoid the obvious rib tickling comments I should explain that overseas in the USA, Australia etc, a Growler is a receptacle which drinkers take to their favourite bar or beer store, fill and take away beer for use at home or parties etc.

For everyone else who can’t see why that would be remotely funny, I suggest putting “Growlers – Urban Dictionary” into Google and finding out yourself…

Anyway, it’s safe to say that in the UK we don’t take growlers away from the pub, in fact it’s the complete opposite we take them TO the pub. Check out the very short video below of ours in action at our local, look out for the triple spin at the end 😉

The little Jack Russell  is my dog and has developed a neat trick and excellent navigational skills, this bodes for an assured future safe arrival in my twilight years when memory fades, read all about it.

Until next time thanks for visiting, Cheers