Making The Connection #IndyManFriday

This last few days have been epic, last weekend I was in Holland, Amsterdam and Bodegraven were the venues, the latter being the home town of De Molen and their wonderful Borefts beer festival.

Five days on and I find myself on a train this morning heading to Manchester, equally if not more exited at the prospect of the Independent Manchester Beer Convention. Don’t get me wrong Borefts was the best beer festival I’ve ever attended, for a self confessed beer geek it’s heaven in earth, but IndyMan is different in that its like never been seen to my knowledge on these shores before.

No arguments about methods of dispense, allowing the brewer to showcase the beer how he or she intended. Each brewery must bring something new to the bar, something unique perhaps even a one off for the weekend all of which is ace.

This beer list tells its own story.


But for me the most important thing is the brewers have to be in attendance and maybe even pour your beer allowing brewer and drinker to make the connection.

I had this discussion with James and Andy from Summer Wine Brewery at a recent meet the brewer event hosted by the wonderful Treacle Tap in Macclesfield. It’s not the first time I’ve seen the guys showcasing their beers and it won’t be the last, but each time I drink or even see a beer from SWB I remember the conversations had, the descriptions disclosed of how and why a particular beer tastes the way it does, putting a friendly face to your tasty beverage if you like. I’m also far more likely to be keen to try anything new they create as soon as I can, having met the people behind it as I have that affinity.

I’ve used James and Andy here as an example but the same goes for all of the others that are going to be present this weekend so make sure if you are going that you take time to chat, ask questions and make that connection.


If you are not lucky enough to make it (which will be a massive shame), get along to your next available meet the brewer night, trust me, you’ll not look back.