I am NOT obsessed with beer!?!

I had an accusation levelled at me over the weekend, saying that everything I’ve posted on Facebook, Twitter etc recently has involved the word BEER and that I was obsessed, this understandably left a bit of a bitter taste..

What nonsense I thought, ridiculous in fact and although normally I’m a mild mannered man, thought I’d better hop to it and prepare to stoutly defend myself from such accusations at the dubbel.. To prove my point I’m going to have a Bass at explaining why I’m not obsessed, without mentioning the “b” word at all, it’s gonna be Hardknott to, but ale try my best.

It is true that I like a lovely brewed beverage or two, it’s tasty, relaxing and much safer than taking pils. The more I drink though, the more I learn and I only seek to pass on that knowledge, wort and all, by sharing it with the mashes. This inevitably leads to tuns of posts, status updates and tweets..

Not to labour the pint, each time I write a blog post it is published on Facebook, Twitter and email automatically, so instead of seeing one, you can see up to Tripel the amounts of mentions of the unmentionable. Therefore if I’ve quaffed an ale and am itchen to share it with you, it seems Scilly not to tell you all it Wentwell whilst I’m Fuller information straight after the Session.

So there you have it, a full and comprehensive explanation of the facts without a single mention of ” “. Conclusive evidence, displaying no obsessive behaviours whatsoever, in fact as you can see I’m completely Fyne.

A blog about a blog about a blog… Featuring Thornbridge Hall Coalition Old Ale 7%

This is a beer review with a twist as it’s not actually me reviewing the beer, having more to do with the outside influences that really enhanced my enjoyment and the fantastic way that social media can be used at it’s very best.

The beer in question was Coalition Old Ale. Brewed in 2009, Coalition is the result of a collaboration between two of my favourite breweries, Thornbridge and Dark Star.

I saw a review of this beer back at around the time of launch and thought, “I have to try that”! I seem to remember it being this post on The Thornbridge Blog which tells the tale of how the beer came about, although I recall there also being a lot of excited chatter going on at the time on various blogs, Twitter, Facebook etc. Anyway to cut a long story short, a purchase was made and on arrival I put the beer away waiting for the right moment to drink it to arrive.

Flicking through Twitter last night, I noticed a note from @LeighGoodStuff announcing a new post on his blog The Good Stuff.

I had a moment of clarity thinking, “I’ve got a bottle of that in the fridge”, replied as such and before I could read all the responding tweets telling me as such it was open.

I took my beer outside to sit in the cool evening air and so sitting down at the garden table, glass in hand, I started to read Leighs fine blogpost (read it here).

As I was doing so @baron_orm chirps up on twitter that I should also check out his blog post too (there is a connection to Leighs), also to listen to the inclusive audio review on his own blog The Ormskirk Baron.

So now I find myself not only enjoying one of the finest beers I’ve had for some time, I’m also reading the extensive tasting notes and listening to the live beer rating chat from three established beer critics, this including @BGRTRob from Hopzine.

It was I can honestly say a really enlightening experience, akin to having an actual live tasting event in my own back yard. As each aroma and flavour was described I’d take another taste or sniff and think to myself “oh yeah, I can really get that”. Marvellous!

Now some folk may say that they would prefer to try and glean that information for themselves so as not to be influenced by the opinions of others, that could be true, that said for me, at that moment it really enhanced the experience.

As a consequence of the initial twitter conversations and my own continuing tweets on how things were progressing, we were joined in twitter conversations by several others including
@Darkstarbrewco @tuff86 @baron_orm @abarth50010 @leighgoodstuff @mybrewerytap @thornbridge
and @GhostDrinker amongst others. Essentially we now have brewers, retailers and customers all busily chatting away about how much of this wonderful beer was made, what is it like, is it still available (it is) and where from. All this of course, being visible the many hundreds if not thousands of followers not actually actively involved in conversation, a marketeers dream.

From a personal perspective, I’d just like to say a big THANKS to everyone above for a cracking evening of beer enjoyment!

If you want to try Thornbridge/Darkstar Coalition, I know of at least two online retailers: www.beerritz.co.uk and www.mybrewerytap.com, there may be more out there on tinterweb, specialist beer shops and I suspect at the Thornbridge brewery shop, so I’d definitely advise grabbing one now before it’s too late.

If you enjoyed reading this post please spread the love, Facebook share it, RT on Twitter or send on by email. I’d love to hear your comments and shared experiences too in the comments section of this page. Cheers Phil

Friends, Romans, Beer Bloggers, lend me your ear…

I answered a plea for help on Twitter the other night. It was from a relatively new beer blogger who wanted some advice on a planned post before committing it to his blog and the eyes of the world.

I wasn’t the only one to respond, I know at least @LeighGoodStuff responded too, there may have been more I don’t know. Being fair I didn’t help much, I just proof read, suggested the odd slight wording change, punctuation etc, basically because these were the guys own words and I didn’t want to dilute them to my own. We chatted briefly afterwards and the post was launched. It’s not important who it was, but I can say it was really rewarding experience wise, knowing that I had been at least some help. It did though stir an idea in my head that I thought I’d run past you.

When I started Beersay I have to confess this blogging business although fun, seemed a bit of a minefield, how create the blog, what to use, what to include, what to avoid, what is ok to publish, what’s not, I could go on and on….

At the time I researched what I could, I had help from local friends, then took to seeking help from other bloggers found from Twitter and Google and basically badgering them with daily questions.

I really had lots of help, with a lot of it coming from folk that were previously unknown to me back then and I thank every one that gave their time. @BeerReviewsAndy@rhodeshannah @LeighGoodStuff@fletchthemonkey,@Rich_Barnett to name but a few, but in particular Mark Dredge who I think was “badgered” most of all… In the nicest possible way of course.

Anyway to the point, I was wondering if I could create a sort of “Bloggers Reference” space with your help, where new bloggers or even experienced bloggers could go to for inspiration, help, advice etc. It could be on a page on my site, a completely new blog that I’d moderate and add prospective posters too or even a blog page with shared access.

Is any of that workable, would it be useful, or does it already exist and I am trying to reinvent the wheel??

As a starter for ten I was going to suggest asking each blogger who is willing to participate/contribute, to provide a short post which could include information such as:

  • Top tips list on how to create and manage a successful beer blog
  • Advice of where to share, what groups to join, Networked Blogs, Beer Bloggers Unite etc.
  • Personal beer blog experiences
  • Own Site link
  • Contact details, via blog, Twitter, Facebook dependant on choice

Preferably this would include the seasoned beer blog veterans and established beer writers to raise it’s profile a little but would basically open to anyone with a desire to contribute. I think it would be valuable help and would also have a bonus of encouraging new blog visitors too?

Let me know what you think and please RT, Facebook share etc, especially if you think the idea has any merit and you want to get involved, or know someone who will?

Cheers fellow beer lovers