A “dubbel” helping of Smisje’s Tripel and Speciaal

For my first beer review I decided to go for something new for me personally in the form of the t’Smisje Tripel and t’Smisje Speciaal.

The Smisje Brewery (Brouwerij), was originally called “De Regenboog” (The Rainbow) and is a craft brewery now based in the village of Oudenaarde in East Flanders.

t’ Smisje Tripel  9% – Pours with a light head that quickly disappears to a thin line of bubbles around the neck of the glass. A hazy orange/amber colour with a aromas of yeast and caramel. The caramel continues in the taste along with hints of fruit and spice finishes with hoppy bitterness. One thing I thought was odd about this was how much the alcohol came through making it a little heavy going for a Belgian Tripel.

t’Smisje Speciaal – 10.5% – Pour, colour head almost identical to the Tripel. Flavour wise again had the sweet sticky caramel running through it from start to finish, tastes of banana, tangerine even coriander spice all held together with a rich, but sweet smokiness. Although this a higher alcohol content, I found it much easier to drink, a lovely spiced ale to savour.