Stone Banker – Lymestone Brewery

First it was “Stoke City are in the Prem” and now, “Stoke are goin Wembley for an FA Cup Final, ah cost’ner belave eet”!

Seriously though, Stoke City FC have experienced a dramatic turn in fortune in recent years, after a long period of absence from top flight football they at last achieved Premier League status in 2008. Then rather than struggle as many newly promoted teams before them have done, seem to have gone from strength to strength.

So much so that this weekend, for the first time in their long history they have the chance to win the FA cup in the final being held at Wembley this Saturday, if they can overcome Premier League ‘rich kids”, Manchester City.

To mark this memorable occasion Staffordshire Brewery Lymestone have created an unofficial SCFC FA cup beer “Stone Banker”.

Head brewer Ian (Brad) Bradford explains that the name comes from Stoke City manager Tony Pulis’s mixed metaphoric quote on West Ham’s equaliser in their recent FA Cup quarter final clash. Where Pulis described Fredric Piquionne’s control as “a stone-banker handball”.

The label tries to relay that moment in cartoon form as does the beers description quoted in true Potteries “May Un Mar Lady” dialect.


“Hey up Youth! Help celebrate the mighty Potters trip to Wembley wi’ a sup o’ this winnin bayer fuller tasty malts and strung hops. Get thee chops rind it an savour the swayt taste o’ success.”


“My good fellow! Help celebrate the mighty Potters trip to Wembley with this winning beer which is full of tasty malts and strong hops. Drink in the sweet taste of success.”

Stone Banker is a chestnut coloured bitter ale, pouring in bottled form at least with a vigorous light brown head which quickly recedes. Not big on the aroma front with a smell of light caramel malts.

Tasting begins with a sweet malty flavour which turns swiftly to an almost savoury side with a quite earthy metallic hop bitterness. The finish is a sort of happy marriage between the two, with sweetness in the mouth and long lasting dry hoppiness.

At 4% it’s a light but flavoursome and would make a perfect session beer to enjoy in the run up and then hopefully celebrating on Cup final day.

Being a Newcastle United supporter I’m not used to seeing silverware, but still hope “The Mighty Potters” do the people of Stoke On Trent proud. I suspect the black & white PVFC half of the city may not agree with me there, but try one anyway and make up yer own twist on the name… It’s good beer, give it a go