A Moroccan Mirage #SourPower

Sorry that’s a typo it wasn’t a Mirage it was a Mariage..

Today is one if those special occasions when beer folks from hither and thither come together as one, be that in their homes, favourite bar, hyperspace or in my case the rather warm balcony of a Marrakech hotel.

Sadly before you ask, no its not available over here, I sneaked it into my suitcase ten days ago to give me a brief respite from the mundanity that is holiday beer. I chose this one out of many on offer for three reasons. One, it’s a stunning refreshing beer. Two, it’s perfect for a hot sunny day (and boy we’ve had some if those).

Finally three, I’m going to be travelling most of this afternoon/evening and didn’t want to miss out on all the fun..

So happy Sour Power day everyone, hope today’s events go well and your faces are well and truly twisted and puckered! #SourPower