Ginger Spice!

This weekends drinking took on an unexpected but cracking Asian twist in the form of two outstandingly different ales, Black Death by “Fallen Angel” and Grandma’s Weapons Grade Ginger Beer from the Cornish outfit “Wheal Maiden”.

Black Death Naga Chilli Stout – Fallen Angel Brewery

The Sussex micro-brewery “Fallen Angel” produce this interesting little brew which comes with it own health warning in the form of these tasting Notes:
“WARNING!!! This is an extreme beer containing the world’s hottest chili, the Naga or Death Chili, rated at 850,000 Scovilles. By consuming this product you agree to exempt Fallen Angel Brewery from all after effects.”
Having tried their Fire In the Hole Chilli beer a few weeks ago which was quite hot (spicy) I was intrigued as to how this super hot stout would compare. We split the bottle into six glasses and served it chilled as advised. The general consensus was not great I have to say, it does have a quite vinegary smell to it to begin with. Now not having ever tasted a Naga chilli it’s difficult to be objective over this as both the smell and taste could be an accurate reflection on the Naga itself. Personally I liked it although probably only as a one off, if I was to describe it as anything I’d say it had a taste of spicy blackberries!
Overall not a particularly great reaction from anyone but don’t let that put you off, if anything I’d say try the Fire In The Hole, this has the chilli burn to it, but has a much fresher taste of green chilli.
Lots more going on at fallen angel and well worth a look:

Not sure where it is stocked by I sourced mine from “Beers Of Europe”:

Grandma’s Weapons Grade Ginger Beer – 5% – Wheal Maiden Brewery
I originally heard about this on “Oz & Hu’s Raise the bar”, I love ginger and it immediately caught my attention, “a fine fiery hot ginger beer that has a good alcohol content, I need some”. Putting a request to the landlord of my local, I was pleasantly surprised to see a pump clip on the bar some weeks later. This is the second batch and I believe there a few more waiting in the cellar as it has become a bit of a hit with the pub regulars.
To describe it, it is a cloudy white colour and pours with a slight fizz but no head.
Great ginger aroma, but is surprisingly sweet, fruity and very refreshing to drink which makes it extremely dangerous as it slides down far too easily. There is of course a lovely warming ginger finish which lasts but is in no way too much, the balance is perfect.
Made fully from natural ingredients it is described by Wheal Maiden Brewery as being “gingery, fiery hot and alcoholic. There are some great tasting notes on the website below and ideas about different way to drink it amongst other things. Try it it’s a revelation.

If your quick and local you can find this at The Bulls Head in Burslem (Stoke on Trent).