Midweek Mikkeller’s

This week I had my first taste of Mikkeller beers.

Now beer bloggers and craft beer enthusiasts will probably be surprised by that, whereas the less adventurous beer drinkers out there may be saying “who or what is Mikkeller”?

For those people in the latter category I have posted a few key facts, mostly I might add retrieved from the many web results, blogs etc that are available by running a simple Google search. It produced so many results, that to be honest, I almost didn’t bother writing any of this up at all…

Quick overview:

“The story of Mikkeller is the story of two homebrewers that in a few years went from hobby brewing in the kitchen to national and international recognition.”

“Since the summer of 2007, Mikkel Borg Bjergsø, has run Mikkeller on his own. Mikkel is a gipsy-brewer, who brews at different breweries in Denmark, around Europe and the United States.”

“Mikkellers success is the result of the brewerys focus on making boundary pushing beer, where quality always comes before quantity. In other words, uncompromising beer, where alcohol content, hop volumes and bitterness does not exist.
Some of them are made in collaboration with some of the best breweries in the world.”

Anyway you get the picture, masters of craft brewing who are and have been working with some of the most exciting breweries in the world, access to such is testament their reputation.

Mikkeller Hoppy Easter – 6.6%

Brewed for Easter but as their are no really defined styles for this unlike say Christmas ales it was down to the brewers to come up with their own creation. What they turned out was an American Pale Ale brewed with German aroma hops, the aim being to combine the best of new and old world brewing.

I have to say that I wasn’t convinced, although saying that, they may have succeeded in creating what they set out to do, more that I am not convinced I liked it that much.

Before looking into it with any detail, I thought it tasted like a German Lager rather than a Pale Ale which is probably down to the Tettang hops.

It poured a hazy golden yellow, with a light and lively head. It has citrus aromas and taste, leaving a dry finish. Refreshing and pleasurable yes, but had this been my first and Mikkeller, I doubt whether I would have rushed out for more.

Mikkeller Green Gold – 7%

Another American IPA and this time around I’m starting to see why everyone is raving about Mikkeller. Not what i expected when poured I have to say as it was more of a hazy brown colour, in fact it reminded me of one of my favourite Belgian craft beers from t’Hofbrouwerijke. It has wonderful fleshy citrus fruit aromas and taste too, not quite as hop driven as I thought it may be but none the worse for it.

Mikkeller 10 – 6.9%

Saving the best till last we come to the jewel in the crown, or at least the pick of the bunch the Mikkeller 10.

It’s an IPA brewed with ten varieties of hop, these being, warrior, simcoe, centennial, cascade, chinook, amarillo, nelson sauvin, nugget, tomahawk, east kent goldings.

It has tastes of candied orange peel, strawberries, baked fruits and is exceptionally good. A comment on a fellow bloggers site really summed this up in saying “reminded me of chewing a Fruit Salad penny chew – just awesome fruit and great balance”. You can read the full review of Mikkeller 10 by thebeermonkey here along with the original comments, it was only written two days ago so to avoid repeating check it out, whilst you are at it check this beer out too as soon as you possible can, it’s awesome…

As I said before there are some cracking reviews out and about on the various beer blogs etc, I’ve listed a few of note here although I hasten to add that if you have another that you want to add then please let me know or add in comments afterwards as the list is by no means in any pecking order nor exhaustive..

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Happy Drinking!