Merlin’s Gold – Merlin Brewery – 3.8%

It’s always good news to hear about a new brewery springing up, especially a local one. Which is why I was extra pleased about Merlin’s Brewery who are based just over the Staffordshire border in Arclid (near Sandbach) in Cheshire.

I got in touch with David Peart from the brewery via his Twitter feed @MerlinBreweryCo who very kindly alerted me to an imminent arrival of his beer at The Leopard in Burslem, quite apt for a mystical beer considering the pubs history and alleged supernatural past..

Merlin’s currently have four beers available, Spellbound, Merlin’s Gold, Kings Ale and Dragonslayer, it was the Gold available on Friday and Saturday night, with Spellbound due and probably on as as we speak.

As the name suggests, this is a light golden beer despite the rather eery picture.

It has strong citrus aromas predominantly of hoppy grapefruit. The taste too is dominated by that citrus grapefruit flavour with hints of lemon with a lip pursingly dry bitter finish where the hops take over. All in all it’s very refreshing and I would happily sup this all night on a warm summer evening as long as it’s served as cool as it can be without spoiling the flavour.

Merlin’s Brewery have a website which is limited at the moment but under construction with more to come soon.

Merlin is available in bottled form from The Beer Emporium in Sandbach, ring them to confirm stock, I’m not sure about any other online outlets at present. (If you are one and reading this please let me know and I’ll amend, or else just add a comment)

Merlin’s Brewery

The beers from Merlin’s Micro Brewery are distinctive craft beers. They’re full flavoured with an excellent finish. Brewed for a magical taste.

A really Happy Beerday!

Today April 7th 2011 is America’s National Beer Day, by coincidence it is also my Birthday too, (I’m about 29 if anyone is asking..).

By even more of a coincidence my good lady wife Rach, has uncannily based my birthday present selection around a beery theme!

So just when you thought you were seeing light at the end of the tunnel as I had reached beer number 42 in the 100 Belgian Beer Challenge:

To aid me in my newly expanded search, she also signed me up to MyBreweryTap‘s 52 Week Beer Club which is basically a box of 13 different and diverse beers delivered each quarter, taken from some of the UK’s fine breweries.

“We’ll ensure a truly diverse mixture of the best of our breweries ales, be they hoppy west country summer ales, more-ish best bitters from Yorkshire, dark and delicious porters from London, you’ll be guaranteed 13 bottles a quarter of diverse and interesting micro brewery ale which you simply wouldn’t be able to collect together anywhere else.”

It’s gets better, this quarters selection from MyBreweryTap‘s USA 52 Week Beer Club was in the next box.

“There’ll be Pale Ales, Porters, IPA’s, Double IPA’s, Imperial Stouts, special Seasonal beers and even collaborative beers between different breweries. We will endeavour to source classic and unusual US beers in a wide range of styles.

Contrary to most peoples opinions of American beer, the US has arguably the most vibrant and interesting craft brewery scene in the world. Craft brewers unhindered by traditional styles and flavours have since the late 70’s been re-inventing and re-defining styles of beer with amazing results. Our mission is to bring you an interesting mix of the best of their output.”

I couldn’t agree more with the last statement, in the last few weeks I’ve sampled some absolutely fabulous beers from the USA Craft Brewers and I can’t wait to get stuck into this little lot…

Finally, to top it off, two tickets to The Great British Beer Festival in August…

Truly a Happy ,Beery, Birthday  🙂