T Hofbrouwerijke

As part of the arduous task I’ve set myself of ploughing through the “100 Belgian beers to try before you die” beer list, I’m always coming across brews that are not actually the items I want, but are beers that are perhaps produced by the same brewery. This a classic example of a discovery I’ve made that has now become part of my regular repeat beer order.

T Hofbrouwerijke – Hofdraak 6.5%

I discovered this little gem whilst looking for the T Hofbrouwerijke’s Hofblues which is their Belgian stout, there was something about the look of these beers that fascinated me from the beginning just from the label branding and I had to find out more. As always I had a quick look at the reviews and for the Hofdraak there are actually very few that sing it’s praises, however I could not disagree more, I REALLY like this and could quite happily go through a full session drinking it, or at least till I fell over.

As you would think from the abv, for a Belgian beer it’s not particularly strong in either any massive standout flavour or in alcohol punch. I just think that they have got the balance bang on and have achieved in creating something that is incredibly easy to drink that has some curiously seductive flavours.

It pours a ruddy brown with a smooth creamy light brown head that lingers . I sat and mulled over taste and smell as on every bottle I can’t quite put my finger on anything specific that leaps out.¬†The only thing I could use to describe the overriding feeling as a descriptor would be to imaging eating the flesh of one of those large Spanish oranges that are juicy and sweet, it’s not a citrus or orange taste specifically but more of an experience. There is also chocolate malt, hints of toffee with a delicate fruitiness. It’s not overly hoppy but does have that nice bitter finish.

They do have a website which is partially written in English and also interestingly do brewing experience days where you can go and join them to brew.


Facebookers should also check out their page and follow them, they post little videos every now and then which again are generally not in English, but do give you a really flavour of what appears to be a lovely family run craft brewery.


I’d love to try more of “The Hof‘s” beer, particularly the Hofblues so if anybody knows a UK stockist I’d be more than pleased to hear from you. Incidentally if you would like to sample some Hofdraak for yourselves you can get it currently from¬†Beers of Europe.