39 Bottles of beer..

As you may know if you’ve read my introduction to this blog, the featured book in the picture was the the catalyst to the whole thing, I’ve always enjoyed trying new beers but not really shared that joyful experience with the world before. Yesterday saw me reach beer 39 in my quest to do as the books title suggests in the form of these three excellent specimens.

St Bernadus Wit 5.5%

As the name suggests this is a wheat or white beer brewed by Sint Bernadus in the little village of Watou, West Flanders. This traditional Belgian white beer was developed and brewed in collaboration with Master Brewer Pierre Celis (Hoegaarden)¬†and is widely regarded as being one of the best examples of the genre around. It pours with a thick creamy white head and settles to a deep yellow haze in the glass. Aromas of yeast and citrus and apples. The taste is typical of a good Belgian white beer, lots of big flavours of orange peel, lemons, apple and yeast. It has a really strong taste which overstates it’s low abv being very rich in the mouth without cloying. Overall an exceptional wheat beer from one of the best breweries in the world in my humble opinion.

Moinette Blond 8.5%

I waxed lyrical about the Moinette Brune not too long ago as it was a real find for me, this blond beer from Dupont continues in the same vein and in away has similar characteristics. It is quoted by Dupont as being their “flagship beer” and you can see why after the first mouthful. When poured into a nice bowl or goblet style glass it has a look of a darker beer rather than blond, copperish to dark yellow is a fair description with a big white fluffy head which sinks quickly to a fine lace round the edge of the glass. Citrus and yeasty aromas give way to a really smack in the face of fruit and spice as you taste it. Lemon, corriander, pepper and hops all together in perfect harmony to reward your choice with a well balanced but strong Belgian pale beer. Be careful with this one it is very easy to drink and strong with it. Highly recommended though.

XX Bitter 6.2%

There’s something about a beer that comes pre gift wrapped that makes already a little special before you open it. I’ve no idea why it’s done, maybe a protection from sunlight (perhaps someone can enlighten me), but it just shows a care and attention to detail which entices you in.. XX Bitter or Extra Extra Bitter by Brouwerij De Ranke is all about the hops, they feature on the wrapper, the label, the nose and in the big HOP FINALE as you taste. This is the beer that you see featured poured in the picture above (ignore the Oerbier glass) As you can see it’s a golden blond coloured beer with a thick old creamy white head. Again there’s a good old fight going on in there between the delicious hops, spices of pepper and coriander seeds, citrus and maybe a hint of caramel. I’d love to see this in my local (HINT) as it would be a perfect summer (or winter) drink for me, not overly strong abv wise so quite easy to drink a few without the need to lie or fall down.

So that’s 39 found out a 100 since 25th December 2010, not bad as it has been tricky and taken a bit of searching, I have found some other cracking beers along the way too. But what will the 40th be I wonder, it needs to be memorable I think as another milestone is reached..

All the beers featured here were sourced from Beers Of Europe