Are you local?

This is a really quick post but I’m hoping it will be interactive, therefore comments on the blog itself are crucial so PLEASE, PLEASE comment.

It concerns the local, your local, my local wherever you may be and more specifically the role of the landlord or licensee. For overseas readers I’m referring to in England the Pub/s where we regularly go to drink beer, but that could be a beer bar, brewery, or just simply the place where you go to most to get your fix of beery goodness.

The question stems from experiences I’ve had over the last weekend on my return from two weeks holiday. People and places shall remain nameless as it’s not important.

The Evidence

Bar 1: This is one of the pubs I would truly call “the local”, I visit maybe three to four times per week. On my return in this establishment after two weeks, said licensee barely gave me a passing glance, no words were spoken to me that that night, nor on any subsequent night since, not a sausage, zero, zilch.. Complete indifference, (the same cannot be said of the other serving staff I hasten to add, all of whom did the opposite, but not from example).

Bar 2: This pub I visit infrequently largely because of distance and transport, perhaps once or twice a month at most. Here the story was different, we were greeted with cheery smiles and a genuine “hey, hello, good to see you, thanks for calling in” sort of attitude from the licensee and all the staff (basically made extremely welcome). This from folks I’ve probably met say six or seven times.

So who’s got it right?

Is the licensee/bar managers role purely one of keeping the place in order, ordering and selling beer in good condition, or is there more to it than that, is the customer king and is a cheery welcome a mandatory requirement too?

What do you think, what’s it like in your local??