52 Week Beerday present

Parcels come and go at regular intervals in our household at this time of year, what with beer orders, a touch of wine and lots of online Christmas shopping deliveries. Yesterday was no different, with a large box which was instantly recognisable as being from My Brewery Tap arriving mid morning.

I glanced at the address and saw it was addressed to the wife and so instantly put it down again thinking it was something for me that I shouldn’t really be gawping at.

So there it sat, all alone in the cold porch all day until Rach arrived home from work and announced,”it’s for you ya plonker (in typical semi cockney tones), it’s your 52 week beer club case”.

“WHOOPEE”!! Said I, in probably far too a high pitched screech than would be passible under current health and safety regulations…

To explain, Rach ordered/enrolled me into the UK 52 week beer club for my birthday last year, hence her name being on the parcel when it arrives. What I like about it so much, (apart from the contents of course), is that I never quite know when it is going to turn up and as such it always comes as an extremely welcome surprise. As a receiver of presents lover it’s an absolute dream, as you get to celebrate your birthday four times a year, even old Queenie can’t manage that! 😉

The 52 week club is a great idea, basically you get one bottle of hand crafted ale per week from breweries spread right across the UK. It’s then sent to you in a case of 13 for each season or once a quarter, this means that you get to try lots of beers that under normal circumstance you might never come across.

The beers are normally seasonally biased, so for example this quarters case has a real dark winter ales sort of focus, although it’s not ALL stouts, strong ales and porters. So what’s in the Winter selection?

  • Ilkley Brewery – Stout Mary
  • York Brewery – Yorkshire Terrier
  • Oakham Ales – Hawse Buckler
  • Inveralmond Brewery – Santas Swallie
  • Wensleydale Brewery – Black Dub
  • Fyne Ales – Vital Spark
  • Derby Brewery – Business as Usual
  • Hawkshead Brewery – Brodies Prime
  • Woodenhand Brewery – Cornish Buccaneer
  • Buxton Brewery – SPA
  • Marble Beers – Manchester Bitter
  •  Black Isle Brewery – Scotch Ale
  • McMullen – Hertford Castle.

For me it’s a mix of old favourites, some from the wants list but have not tried yet and I’ve never heard of, but that’s the exciting part as it’s all a bit of a mystery.

Of course there’s always the odd one that you don’t like so much, but that’s no different to a pub night out on the guest ales or at a beer festival, all part of the experience.

It’s been a great Beerday present that’s just kept on giving and giving, as you can probably tell, I’ve loved it.

Thanks My Brewery Tap and the wife of course..

Cheers 🙂

P.S You can join the UK 52 Week Beer Club here