Getting a bit George cross…

Oh how I love an occasion that lends itself as an excuse for themed beer to have an outing….NOT!


Yes it’s St Georges Day of course and the bars will be full of them, “George’s Morning Glory”, “Old Dragon Breath”, “EDL Special Brew” etc etc etc. You’ll be able to walk into thousands of boozers across the land and say I’ll have a flagon of that, or should that read “a pint of that with a flag-on”…. (sorry)

Come on though, is it really necessary, are we all so shallow that we’ll order a pint of whatever “it” turns out to be, just because it’s called something remotely English, St Georgie or with a hint of Dragon?

beerTurn away from the bar and look at it again, it’s beer, there’s no George cross on it now and I’ll hazard a guess that it’s light brown and tastes of damp cardboard with the word hop written on it in crayon.

Well if that’s your thing and you’ve just bought one, I hope it tastes shite as more fool you for buying it.

I’ve a suggestion, we could just make it “lets have some really tasty English beer on the bar day” and choose to buy or stock a delicious beer, brewed in England on a day like Saint Georges day and actually enjoy our celebratory pint, or am I just a miserable old git?

On second thoughts, don’t answer that…