The Session 65: So lonely…

This months edition of The Session is hosted by Nate of Booze, Beats and Bites. Nate likes to drink socially as we all do, but asks the questions, am I weird for going to the pub alone, how do you feel about going to the pub alone and do you feel it’s necessary to be around friends to spend time in a pub?

First off I don’t think it’s weird at all, I know loads of people who do it often and even do it purposely by going to either places they don’t know or to the quieter areas of the places they do.

Personally though I’m not a fan, I will do it and think nothing of wandering around strange cities trying to find a decent beer, but I generally don’t really enjoy the solitude it brings.

When I’m out on the pop I’m much more of a social animal, I feed off conversation and seek company wherever possible, beer of course helps with this being the perfect social lubricant. Beer of various sorts has helped humans communicate down the ages, long before Twitter, Facebook and t’interweb were even a spark in the mind of the most forward thinking science fictioneers.

Not that I like rowdy noisy pubs, more of a happy medium suits me perfectly in a pub with a welcoming buzz. Good beer of course, friendly staff and good conversation too.

Somewhere I can make jokes and poke fun at that slightly odd person who always sits alone in the corner, scribbling down beer notes…


#TheSession 61 – Down My Local

This months tenure of #TheSession sits with the Hoosier Beer Geek. He asks us to talk about local beer, why is local beer important, specifically what if anything makes it better?

Anything for me is better if it has a local connection so that’s a good start. In other areas of my life personally when considering purchases local means a great deal, I love locally produce and will pay over the odds to get it. It’s fresher and just feels better if you know the area or even the producer who made the product.

In complete contrast, living in The Potteries I recall trying to by a locally produced dinner service, nothing fancy you understand just day-to-day eating ware. The only pre requisite being that it had to have been manufactured in Staffordshire or at least England. You would not believe how difficult that was… So how do those ideals/examples translate in the beer world, well in my case at least unnervingly close as it happens.

Local people reading my blog of late could be forgiven for thinking that I’m pretty anti local. After all I’m always harping on about “craft this and fancy foreign import that”, “local pubs are boring, where’s the exciting new beer on keg” etc etc etc.. In truth some of that may be true, as I love trying new beers in what ever guise they present themselves, but that goes for local too.

Most folk I suspect have a local brewery be that large or small, that churns out a bog standard “easy drinking” range aimed at the mass market one beer session drinker and it’s all too easy to dismiss one of these beer brands based on a bad experience. I am a firm believer though that most of them if not all have at least one or more little gem, a beer that stands out from the rest and deserves a try.

At the other end of the spectrum there are some local breweries that have fantastically exciting sounding beers, beers that I hear great things about that never see the light of day in these parts, despite being “local”. We get beers from Wales, Scotland and the far reaches of England too but it seems Staffordshire, Cheshire and Derbyshire are a no-no. Having discussed this with a few local brewers I was quite startled to learn about how hard it is to get their beers in “local” pubs and shops. Some of the stories of rejection I heard were farcical to say the least, I just don’t understand it, whatever happened to food and drink miles?

Both of these examples spawned an idea which is quite aptly linked to this months topic and to The Session generally.

Why not start a monthly or quarterly blogging topic on local beers to raise the profile of both camps where ever they may be, open to all and published in the same sort of way. I know that this is perhaps most appropriate to UK based bloggers but not prohibitively so and could serve as a sort of reference point to the best beer an area or brewery has to offer where you live.

This could tie in well with some of the work being done by quite a few UK bloggers, who are leading by example and getting hands on in their local CAMRA branch meetings. These guys instead of criticising perceived CAMRA failings, are getting actively involved and putting new opinions across, assisting positive change from within if you like. After all sharing information about the best beers your area has to offer must play a massive part.

What do you think, worth doing as a Session style collective or more of a one man band show?

Big thanks to Matt for hosting this month.