IPA Day – Thursday 2nd August 2012 – #IPADay

Remember this? One of many events that went ahead August 4th 2011.

I can’t help noticing that IPA Day seems to be passing us by this time around.

About this time last year Twitter and Facebook were awash with cracking beer events to commemorate the day and I recall being so jealous that I was not at any of them. I’ve hardly seen anything at all to make me green with envy and I know I’m not alone as even friends in London are struggling to find places to go.

“If you’re not familiar with a ‘randall’ its a device pioneered by US Brewery, Dogfish Head, which allows you to percolate finished beer through whole hops to deliver extra fresh hop aroma and flavour to the beer just before it gets to the tap.” (courtesy of Magic Rock Brewery Blog)

So far I’ve heard from The Grove in Huddersfield who host Magic Rock Brewery and will be serving two British draught IPA’s through “Hop Randalls”.

Port Street Beer House who will have the chaps from Summer Wine Brewery at the bar to launch their new Black IPA “Gorilla” and will be serving hot dogs from ‘Dirty Dogs“.

Finally last but by no means least The Free Trade Inn in Newcastle Upon Tyne who have a whole raft of cracking hop bombs for your delectation and delight.

Closer to home I heard from The Wharf in Macclesfield who although do not have a specific IPA Day event, are celebrating winning the CAMRA Pub of the Season award with several top class IPA’s. (If you too are running an event and want it noted here, just drop me a line and I’ll try to add details or list it in comments below the post.)

Online Event:

Now I’d love to be at any one or all of the above, but after a rather beer centric holiday and the financial constraints of an over exuberant Belgian beer haul I think it’s unlikely.

If find yourself in a similar situation and cannot make an event near you, how about joining me in the virtual beer bar on Twitter, Facebook or Google+. No rules or specific beer list,  just get yourself down to your local beer retailer, grab a few of your own favourite IPA’s and crack them open tomorrow night from 7:30PM (UK time) or when ever it suits you really dependant on circumstance or time zone.

Twitter hash tag for tweets is #IPADay and you’ll find me @filrd, please share this info on your feeds, Re-Tweet, Facebook or old fashioned email.

Poster info from events is below, check it out and make your plans, come on it’s IPA Day EVE!!